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October 16, 2018

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Our Guest Author today is

Yecheilyah  Ysrayl 

Also known as EC…

EC, It is wonderful to have you here today as our Guest Author.



Yecheilyah (e-SEE-li-yah, affectionately nicknamed EC) is an Author, Blogger, and Poet and lives in Marietta, GA with her wonderful husband. She has been writing poetry since she was twelve years old and joined the UMOJA Poetry Society in High School where she learned to perfect her craft. In 2010, at 23 years-old, Yecheilyah published her first collection of poetry and in 2014, founded Literary Korner Publishing and The PBS blog where she enjoys helping other authors through her blog interviews and book reviews. The PBS Blog has been named among Reedsy’s Best Book Review blogs of 2017 and 2018 and has helped many authors in their writing journey. I am Soul is her fourth collection of poetry.


Like fire shut up in my bones,

sizzling on my tongue

and falling from my mouth,

Let it enter my throat like singing

and into my bones like oil.

Let me bathe in its humility

and cover myself in its wisdom.

Let the truth



Fun Facts about Yecheilyah:

  • She loves to laugh, and her favorite comedy TV show is Blackish
  • She is originally from Chicago, IL
  • She’s been married to her husband 8 years, together for 11 years
  • She believes eggs makes everything better
  • She is a twin
  • She is addicted to reading and new notebooks
  • Her favorite desert is ice cream

I am Soul is now available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Scribd and The Medu Bookstore at Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta.

Universal Amazon Link


Universal Link to other Retailers


Greenbriar Mall

The Medu Bookstore

2841 Greenbriar Pkwy SW

Atlanta, GA 30331

Author Website: www.yecheilyahysrayl.com/

Blog: www.thepbsbog.com

Amazon Author Central: www.amazon.com/Yecheilyah-Ysrayl/e/B00ML6OHFA/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/literarykornerpublishing

Instagram: www.instagram.com/yecheilyah/

Twitter: twitter.com/ahouseofpoetry

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCdquShfqCN6lIX8IDK9MnSg

Saturday is for Sharing – Meet Frances Strong

September 29, 2018

Article #135

SCAN: Hosted by Lynda McKinney Lambert & Miss Opal


Frances Strong is a prolific author as you will see in this interview.  Frances is Guest Author #13.

I think of #13 as a Baker’s Dozen – you get something  extra with Frances.

I first met Frances Dinkins Strong on an internet writers group, “Behind Our Eyes, Inc.”

Like most writers in this group, Frances is visually impaired. This fact does not prevent Frances from doing just about anything in her life. In our interview today, Frances reveals that  her books show her happy childhood despite  the onset of failing eyesight due to RP.  Learn More about RP – Click Here!


Her love and dedication for animals is prevalent in her fiction and non-fiction stories.

Miss Opal and Lynda are glad to share

Frances and her books

with YOU today. 

Q_ Who is your closest friend and how did you meet this person?  Are you soul mates or polar opposites?

Frances: My closest friend is my husband, Jimmy Strong. We met when I was a junior and he a senior in high school. It just so happened  that Jimmy  was a substitute school bus driver one day when he met me, and said, “That’s the girl I want to marry.”

I accepted Jimmy’s invitation to the Junior/senior prom dance that year. Afterwards, we both went off to college and I didn’t see him for three years. In the summer of 1961 Jimmy worked for Tom Evans Garage as a summer job. My father came in and spoke to him. That incident encouraged Jimmy to reignite our relationship.

Jimmy and I  were married on June 12 1963, three days after I graduated from Columbia College. Our commitment to our vows and faith in Jesus Christ have directed our paths for fifty-five years. He is my life-long soul mate.

Q_  What could you never live without? And why?  What would happen if this would go away?

Frances: My faith, hope and love for Jesus Christ is what motivates me every day to live the best I can to please my Lord and Savior for He has given His life for me. Without Him in my life, I would have no purpose and meaning to keep going on. It would be a dismal existence indeed.

Q_  Do you have a favorite bird or animal?  Is it  a totem to you?  When did you become aware of that special creature in your life?

Frances:  A horse came into my life as a miracle when I was fourteen years old. My father bought a filly and the mare for my sister unaware the mare was in foal. So the next year my colt became my “first love.” My sister and I had the most fun training and riding our young horses everywhere. Fella, my bay gelding, lived thirty-three years on our farm. He even helped train my three children to ride and to enjoy the wonderful adventures with horses.

Q_ Have you authored a book? Or more? Can you tell us about how you began to write that book? 

Frances: In 1991 I found a neglected, older black horse I named Lucky. He gave me the spark to get up in the morning and care for him. After his death in 1998 I told my friend about Lucky. She told me it sounded like a good children’s story. With much encouragement, I wrote my first book, A Lucky Pair, where Lucky tells his story. My sister illustrated the book which made it extra special to me and my family.

Q_ Do you have a favorite song that brings back good memories? What would the song  be?

Frances: One of my favorite songs is “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” I started keeping my granddaughter, Laura, when she was three years old. I watched Laura three days a week. On my stereo I played mostly beautiful semi-classical music to relax by. She and I loved humming and  creating imaginary dance moves to the melodies. Laura and I especially loved “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and would sing the lyrics too. Later I found a small music box which  played the tune and gave it to Laura for a birthday gift. Laura is now a seventeen-year-old troubled young woman. I pray that one day she will soar over her rainbow and find happiness.

1939 – Judy Garland Sings, Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Listen Here.

List of Frances Dinkins Strong children’s books:

  1. A Lucky Pair
  2. Pat, the Cat
  3. Beth’s Fella
  4. Sally and Grandma
  5. The Adventures of Michael Henry, the Mouse Part 1
  6. The Adventures of Michael Henry, the Mouse part 2
  7. The Adventures of Michael Henry, the Mouse Part 3

Q_ Frances, when I look at this list of published books, I have to ask if there is room for anything else in your life, besides writing and publishing.  It looks to me as though your plate is full. What else would you want our readers to know about you?

Frances:  Although I am a late bloomer in writing, I also  enjoy singing in the church choir, sending and receiving e mails, studying the Bible on-line.

I’m also researching family history, caring for my husband  and writing many more memoirs.

More Information from Frances

Beth’s Fella

is a Memoir.

Available in print from Amazon or from author

e-mail:  francesstrong@ftc-i.net

website: www.gate.net/~labooks/Francesindex.html

Note: Photo of book cover for A Lucky Pair. Provided by the author.


Lynda McKinney Lambert. Copyright. September 28,, 2018. All rights reserved.

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Miss Mitchell and Miss Dixie Tulip. All of the pets are rescued.

Lynda is the author of:

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Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems Buy it!

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My Ten Favorite Books

My Corner

I was invited to participate in this challenge by blogger Lynda Lambert. Here’s how it works. Think of your ten favorite books and write them down. Then invite three other bloggers to create their own lists of ten favorite book titles and invite three other bloggers and so forth. You can read her guidelines here.

Below is my list of ten books. I must admit this was tricky. At first, I could only think of five books, but then titles kept coming. They’re not in any particular order. I just wrote them down as they popped into my head.


1. The Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum
2. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
3. The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough
4. Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk
5. Little Town on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder
6. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

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My Ten Favorite Books

I created this Challenge and posted my own 10 favorite books on my blog.

I invited 3 friends to participate. This is Joan’s response to my challenge.

What do you think? Are any of your favorites on Joan’s list?
This list has several books on it that I read and loved, tool

When you think you can only list 10 books, it is really a difficult task.

You con’t have to wait to be invited. Just copy and paste the challenge for yourself, and post it on your blog.
Let the world see hwat your favorite books are.

Jewniquely Myself

Dear Readers,

Think back, way back, to the many books you have read over your lifetime.

Remember how it felt to curl up in your father’s big armchair on a frosty winter night, your favorite book in hand, delighting in every page you turned?

Remember perching in your favorite tree on a lazy summer afternoon, lingering over a masterfully constructed sentence, an imaginative phrase, the perfectly chosen word?

Remember when you simply could not put down the book you were reading?

And remember how you read your absolute favorite books over and over again?

Me too!

Well, talk about a challenge: I have been asked to whittle my lengthy list down to only 10 favorite titles!

Here are the rules for this CHALLENGE:
1._ Think about those books you enjoyed over a lifetime of reading. It is not easy to do because you have to whittle your list down to…

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After Yom Kippor

Re-blogged this on SCAN today.
Awesome –
“the Hummingbirds

only faintly echoing

the shofar’s blast

the primal cry”

The shofar;s blast takes me to another place in time…so otherworldly. Powerful poem, Joan.

Jewniquely Myself

the world is new

when you come back from the dead

apples are honey on your tongue

and breadcrumbs in your pocket

–unlike those you tossed into the Willamette on Tashlich

cast away with the year’s sins

to feed ducks swimming

just beyond the narrow bridge–

are loaves for your table

the world is holy again


in dawning light


with Hummingbirds

only faintly echoing

the shofar’s blast

the primal cry


the world is new

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Saturday is for SHARING – Mike Bayles

Post #131

September 22, 2018

Saturday is for Sharing

Series of Guest Authors – #12

Miss Opal & Lynda

Welcome YOU to

Saturday is for Sharing 


Mike Bayles 

Wisconsin Author & Poet

Welcome, Mike.

Q_ I really like the idea of blended genre – a collage – a different way of presenting the passage of time – not in a linear way and not solely by use of only one genre.

I am so interested in the work of creative people who are working across genre and across disciplines like you do.

Anyway, I am very interested in how you approach literature.Who influences you ? What kind of writing are you particularly drawn to ?

Mike_ Interesting questions. I don’t relate to the Post Modernist label. The poets I follow most closely are Emily Skaja, Kara Candito, Matt Hart, and Caryl Pagel.

I  have done poetry readings in The Quad Cities.

Erin Bertram was my instructor in Literary College. She has some interesting multi-genre pieces posted on her website.  (more information is here:  https://erinmbertram.com/)

My favorite novelists are Ethan Canin, Haruki Murakami, and Jennifer Egan.

Ironically, my Bachelor’s Degree is in Sociology, with coursework in Psychology and Social Work. I worked at crisis hotlines during my college years. After college I worked in the areas of employment training and child welfare. I’ve worked a wide variety of jobs in my life.

Currently, I work as a construction flag man and this job takes me to many different places. It also provides me with solitary time after my work day when I can do my writing.  I see and experience many different places and landscapes.

I feel that I’ve developed some kind of philosophy through my writing. I wrote my first short story for a Creative Writing course at Iowa State University.

Emotionally, I’m touched by the music of Paul McCartney, and of the Beatles. I’m absolutely thrilled by his new single, “I Don’t Know,” and listening to music is often part of my ritual before I write.

Reader can listen to this music and see the lyrics here:  Listen & Watch – Click Here!

Q_ I wanted to present your Guest Author feature in a different format today. 

For this reason, if you look below, I am posting the Amazon review for your latest book,

Breakfast at the Good Hope Home. I think it gives our readers a good overview of your latest book.


Breakfast at the Good Hope Home,

By Mike Bayles

Copyright 2017.

Product details

  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Publisher: 918studio press (January 31, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0985194499
  • ISBN-13: 978-0985194499
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.2 x 8 inches

Lynda_  The book’s cover art is so interesting and a work of art in itself. I am fascinated by this cover because the art work takes us into another world before we ever open the book. As a visual artist, I am so sensitive to the art that a book has. The cover  is the first thing a potential reader is faced with – and I think it is of utmost importance. You get an A for your book cover!

Mike_ The life of a young man changes in many ways after his father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is placed in a nursing home’s care. As the disease progresses, he loses the father as well as the family he had known. He must also help his mother, who has not accepted the disease’s consequences. The son tries to find meaning in his visits with his father after his father becomes unresponsive, and he finds a spiritual connection. He clings to stories his father told and learns to value his heritage. He learns to let go when he visits his father alone for the last time and is drawn back to his mother by the grief they share. In the end, he finds a sense of relief from a final conversation.


See Sample to read on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Breakfast-at-Good-Hope-Home/dp/0985194499/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1532880935&sr=1-2&keywords=Mike+Bayles

For the Amazon Review_ Check this website on Amazon:

Back Cover:  https://www.amazon.com/Breakfast-at-Good-Hope-Home/dp/0985194499/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1532880935&sr=1-2&keywords=Mike+Bayles

From the 918 Studio site – a review:



Mike_ I love the coverage the book has received. In particular, The Cedar Rapids Gazette featured comments  on  my writing, and a review of Breakfast at the Good Hope Home. It has received nice reviews from various places.

I feel that my life is one of loss and rediscovery. Both of my parents have died, and I’ve lost some people who I loved. I feel that childhood times spent in Minnesota stirred a love of nature in me. Now I’m deeply influenced by traveling through Iowa, Wisconsin, and other Midwest states, for my job as a flagger for construction and utility companies. I have compiled a collection of poems, based on places I’ve seen during my travels for work, I also include places in an around Davenport, and places in Minnesota. I feel that some interesting themes emerge from this collection. I’m also working on a new short story.

Q_ What’s coming up now for your writing life, Mke?

Mike_ A project for release later, is another literary collage, where the main character has a mental breakdown after graduating from college. I’ve known some people who experienced difficulties in life.

Lynda_ I found a nice article – interview – of you on-line.


You are unique and  I don’t want to miss that part of your writing life in our story . Thank you for allowing Miss Opal and I to do this feature on you today!

Want to contact Mike Bayles?


Thank you for being our guest today, Mike.

I am so pleased to be able to present your new book on SCAN!


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Friday Favs_The Story Behind a Story

Friday Favs

Article #126

Friday Favs

Can you Find the Story Behind a Story?

“Girl on a Bench Sees Visions of Butterflies”

Friday Favs – I looked back at some of my blog posts  in my other blog,

Walking by Inner Vision.

I started that blog in 2009, and most of what I feature there  is about my writing  or art projects.

You can find

Walking by Inner Vision

at this Link:  www.lyndalambert.com

I was surprised  when I read one of my stories from 2013.

A version of the  story is published in my latest book, “Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems,” DLD Books, 2017. I began to think more about it.

The topic of this essay is an explication of a work of art.

It is the “Story Behind the Story,” of that art work.

All Art Comes From Our  Core Beliefs and Our  World View.

( Note; this art work is “Girl on a Bench Sees Visions of Butterflies,” a mixed-media fiber wall work.

This art work  is in the InSights18 exhibition  sponsored annually by the American Printing House for the Blind.  I will attend  the opening reception and the awards banquet in Louisville, KY, in October. This year will mark the 5th time I have been juried into this international exhibition, and my 5th time to have my work win an award.)

I say  this because it is important for us to be able to articulate where our ideas, influences, and themes  begin when we are writing. Everything we believe, is evident in our piece of writing. If the reader knows how to do a deep reading and is observant, that reader can know about the author intimately. The writing comes from not only our thoughts, but from our spirit and from our own experiences.

We have a core belief, that is uniquely our own. We have a distinctive world view that we each embrace.  Everything we do and think about comes from our core and our chosen world view.  Everything we write reflects who we are – at our core. We have an inner life which becomes visible to our readers, if they are observant and wise.  Who we are speaks clearly in our writing.

When we are aware of this, we can identify an authors core beliefs and world view as we begin to read a piece of the writing.

This is a fascinating aspect of our writing, isn’t it!

In my  classrooms at the college, students  learned how to do deep readings and how to identify the author’s World View. If they don’t learn how to do this, they will never be able to fully understand the writing.

Often we are not even aware of those unseen and powerful impulses.  When we do begin to recognize them and can begin to articulate them, we untap an ocean of possibilities and opportunities in our writing life.

When I read my own blog post from 2013 this morning, I was aware that I am a visual artist and that everything I write emerges from  my  inborn sensibility and a way of viewing the world and everything I encounter. No matter what theme I am writing about,  it is, always  viewed through core beliefs and a keenly aware world  view.

Have you looked back at something you wrote some years ago?

How did it make you feel when you read that piece?

Do you see the theme of the work as it fits into your World View?

Do you see how you have grown or changed in your concepts and writing since that time?

If you want to see the 2013 article  – CLICK HERE: http://www.lyndalambert.com/the-story-behind-the-art/


Lynda McKinney Lambert. Copyright: September, 2018. All rights reserved.

Friday Favs 

is a series coordinated by Lynda and Miss Opal, her feline writing partner.  Lynda and Miss Opal live in rural western Pennsylvania in The Village of Wurtemburg.

Lynda is the author of 4 books:

Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage Buy it!

Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems Buy it!

Lynda has just completed her 3rd book

Star Signs: New & Selected Poems – not yet published.


first snow, 16 Poems with a Wintry Theme – Not yet published.

Both new books  are now available for publication. 

Currently Lynda is working on her next book, a Memoir.

Thank you for visiting with us today.

Miss Opal and Lynda McKinney Lambert

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Welcome YOU to

Friday Favs

Artist Series: When Pigs Fly

Wednesday Wonderful

Rock & Sling

by Ann Marie Bausch

In mid-2017, I had my first short story accepted for publication, and almost immediately hit a suffocating stretch of writer’s block.  I was saved by a vegan photographer.

If you’re blinking your eyes in bewilderment, you’re experiencing much the same thing I did.

That summer, the viciousness of our national politics nearly did me in.  The inferno that was the health care standoff affected my family personally, and my emotional health plummeted.  And the tap from which my creative energy flowed seemed to run completely dry. I decided to ban myself from Facebook and Twitter for a stretch, and instead turned to Instagram, which I could curate to only show me things that made me feel happy and peaceful—travel photos, animals, and the like.  I followed Goats of Anarchy, which led me to other animal sanctuaries such as Rancho Relaxo and Twist of Fate Farm…

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Saturday is for Sharing – Shelley Alongi

Post #128 – September 15, 2018

Saturday is

for Sharing

Series of Guest Authors – #11

Miss Opal & Lynda

Welcome YOU to

Saturday is for Sharing 


Shelley Alongi 

Photo:  TheAuthor holds  a collection

of 3 published books



Shelley,  I know you are a cat lover so Miss Opal and I are really delighted to speak with you today about your book publications and your life as an author.

You nearly always talk about your cats in phone conversations and interviews.  We like that!

It is  a hot day here in Western Pennsylvania but the cats, Miss Opal and her sister-cat ,Miss Bessie, are enjoying the air conditioning. The 2 dogs are napping in their beds.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through the National Federation of the Blind Writer’s Division over the past several years.  NFB was one of the first contacts I had with writers who have sight loss and I was happy to find the organization at that time. I remain a member, and look forward to the publications you produce. I’m always happy to submit work to this magazine.

Our readers should know that you are the editor of

Slate & Style, a literary magazine.

It is published throughout the year by the Writer’s Division.

I’d also like to let our readers know that they can enter their writings to the magazine. They do not have to be disabled or blind to send in their work.

Q_ I have a question for you, since you are so busy with the magazine and your own writing…what do you do to relax?  When it is 5 O’Clock “somewhere, what will you be doing?   

Shelley_ Laughing!   I might be at home in the recliner with a cat on my lap – or a book  – or both.

I might have a documentary film from Netflix or my TV app playing in the background and I might be asleep.

I might be at the church practicing the organ. I play for 2 churches!

Or I might be playing my piano.

In my literary life, I could be working on a draft of one of my novels. My latest novel is Forgiving Sky,  due for release in 2018.

I am currently working on the draft before I submit it to my hand-picked editing team.

In addition to this, I  am also working on a book of poetry called Christ Crush.

I may be working on that one. If I’m not doing any of those things I might be entertaining company, or cooking hamburgers, spaghetti, or some other wonderful concoction.

Sometimes I never know where I’ll be.

My only requirement is wherever I am it’s cool, and I mean below seventy degrees. 

Q_ What could you never live without? What would happen if this would go away?

Shelley_  In 2003 I went to Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi to help the city rebuild after Katrina.

We helped to plant a Calvary Chapel there and our job specifically was to cook for the people who were rebuilding their own houses. Some of the people went to help those who were cleaning up their property after the August 27 damage.  Over lunch, one of the men who was rebuilding his house asked that question. They asked what we couldn’t live without and I thought about that between lunch and dinner. When I told them that I couldn’t live without friends some of the team members were surprised. One of the gentlemen there who was rebuilding his house said he thought I might say I couldn’t live without a toilet or a toothbrush. But, all through history our bodies have made due with what we have or don’t have. We can always find ways to meet basic needs.

One of our basic needs is friendship as human beings. I don’t need many friends, but a few good friends go a long way toward helping me live my life in a satisfactory way. What would happen if friends went away? Well, I think what might happen is that I might curl up and shrivel away like leaves and plants on a very hot day.

Q_ You are person who is so curious about so many aspects of life, Shelley.  What would you like to know more about?

Shelley_  You asked, “What would I like to know more about?   EVERYTHIING!

I am am  information junky.

Reading and watching documentary films feeds my need for information. I also read widely: I  try to catch podcasts.

Because I am blind, I wonder if my brain doesn’t have that kind of input if a desire is created by the parts of the brain that requires stimulus. I don’t limit myself to knowing about certain things because the way my brain works I sometimes become passionate about something,  and then move on to other things.

This is the wonderful part of being a writer. Sometimes,  I might have a conversation with someone, or read a book that piques my interest on another subject. I will go find a book on the subject that fascinates me. For instance, I might get interested in some local subject, then I design a story around it and I can ask people about their jobs. I usually will say this is for helping me with my book.

I’ve recently settled in a small Texas town where the economy is bolstered by an air force base. People I know here have either retired from the Air Force, work for it, or live on base. We all know someone here who either lives on the base or works for the Air Force. It is interesting that the novel I am working on right now, Forgiving Sky, has an aircraft mechanic as the main character. I started this novel before I moved here, but it wasn’t till I moved here and had more time to devote to the book  that I met people who I could ask  about their job as an aircraft mechanic.

The same thing happened to me with train engineers. My first novel Trespasser is about a railroad engineer. I had ocasion to be interested in trains and so I was able to talk to railroad workers and some of them helped me with scenes in my first novel. Sometimes I’ll pick up a book on a subject I know nothing about just to peak my curiosity. I never know what I might be interested in next.

 Q_ When is the last time you had FIRE  in your eyes?  What happened to light your fire?

Shelley_ When I first moved to Texas I had not yet made connections and so I spent my first 4th of July at home. At that time I decided I would go online and find a recording of

Handel’s Messiah.

  • I was a music major in college and was familiar with the piece but had never really listened to it. The recording I found was stunning.

I spent three hours listening.  The one choral piece that got me really tuned into was

Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the Sin of the World.

This recording was done on a large scale and the sheer power of the vocals grabbed my attention. The whole experience made me investigate Jesus Christ’s claims again, things I had already come to terms with in my younger years. This music really grabbed my attention and I spent the next six months just rereading the Bible and deciding to read as many fictional accounts of the life of Jesus as I could. Some of the fictional accounts were very good. Some of them were ok. I know this helped me write my third book  – Angel Hug  – which surrounds Jesus prayer in Gethsemane. I still have the fire in my eyes three years after arriving here. I remember those months and their impact on me. I think that night really set the course for my time in Texas.

Comment from Lynda:

I can fully relate to this experience. I had such a personal  encounter with Jesus when I was 30 years old,  after reading Dietrich Bonhoffer.  Just one line, staying in my thoughts. I was changed from that time forward. Thank you for sharing this, Shelley. It brought me back to my own life-history. 

Q_ What do you have your eye on for the future?

Shelley_ Currrently,  my future includes releasing my fourth book, Forgiving Sky in 2018. If not 2018 then in January 2019.

I’m working on the final draft at this time. I always have a plan for my future and sometimes what happens is better than what I plan. I’d like to buy a house. I’d like to go to Germany. I am taking advantage of the time given me right now to finish reading books that I’ve always wanted to read and to work on several more ideas for novels. I spent many years at a job that gave me lots of experience but which for me was not fulfilling. Writing books is fulfilling. So, I’d like to finish the ones I’ve started and see where we go from here. I figure that as soon as I finish enough of them I can take them anywhere and offer them for sale. They’re for sale now, but I mean that I can offer them and perhaps move out of state or get busy again. I am blessed with lots of writing time now. My future is to work on my music and also finish writing the novels, something I’ve known I would do for many years. Now is the time.

Q_ What,  in your mind, is your most notable achievement or accomplishment to date?   

Shelley_  I look at my life and compare it to others I know and I say I haven’t done enough.

Yet,  when I sit down and look at mine, 

I say ___wow ___I’ve done some amazing things.

I’m not sure which is my most notable.

______I’ve founded an aviation club at California State University, Fullerton.

I received a call from someone who came across it when he was looking for places to advertise his helicopter sight seeing tours. We met for lunch and talked about his company. This call was received ten years after I started the club. But hey I’m in the records!

_____I’ve written four books_____

Trespasser – about a railroad engineer’s search for happiness,

Brave Pilot – about a man who must avert a looming tragedy between two families.

Angel Hug – inspired by Christ’s agony in Gethsemane.

Christ Crush –  my first book of poetry.

And my forthcoming publication:  Forgiving Sky.

Soon I will be able to hold five books in my hand. I am my own publishing company, it seems. I have a music degree and that took a lot of work. I’ve been to Mississippi to help after Katrina.

I’ve been in the pilot’s seat of a small airplane.

I’ve talked to the prosecuting attorney for Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber. That was a big one for me because I wanted to interview him for an oral history project. He did not grant the interview, but I got to talk to him.

I just recently uploaded a video to Youtube. I know that is a regular occurrence for some. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and was able to upload it by using VoiceOver on my Apple iPhone.

I’ve been to Washington DC twice, once as a high school senior and once to speak with our local representative about the National Defense Authorization Act.

I’ve moved across country twice. That’s a pretty regular occurrence for people who live here. I’ve had a pretty full life and I’m sure it’s not over.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my life and work with you. I

F you would like more information or to be kept up-to-date on new releases, contact me at:

Shelley J. Alongi


The names of my books are

  1. Trespasser, released in 2015.
  2. Brave Pilot, released in 2017.
  3. Angel Hug, released 2018.

The first three published books can be purchased in electronic or paperback format.

Trespasser is also available in hard cover. Here are the links where you can purchase the  books.

Trespasser, paperback,  released 2015


Trespasser, hard cover, released 2015


Brave Pilot paperback, 2017

https://www.amazon.com/Brave-Pilot-Shelley-J-Alongi/dp/1974398730/ref=sr_1_12? s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1517024969&sr=1-12&keywords=Brave+Pilot

Angel Hug, paperback 2018

https://www.amazon.com/Angel-Hug-Shelley-J-Alongi/dp/1985243156/ref=sr_1_3? s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1522514916&sr=1-3&keywords=Angel+Hug

For electronic copies of these books you can visit

Brave Pilot


Angel Hug




You can also see my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.shelley.alongi


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Talent Does Not Exist

Sharing some thoughts on “talent” today.
This is a remarkable point of view and so true.


“It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.”  Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway famously rewrote the ending to A Farewell To Arms 47 times. Yes, folks, he did not write brilliant first drafts.

No one ever did. No one ever will.

Talent, as an innate ability, does not exist.

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