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Symbols of Advent: Week 1 – Candle of HOPE

We know that the German Lutheran’s were using a wreath with candles to celebrate each day of Advent at least 300 years ago. However, in northern Germany, long before the Christians began using this symbol, the early northern Germanic people thought of the ring, wheel, and evergreens as part of rituals that signified the love of God. The circle or wheel has no beginning and no end.

HOW TO make your wreath

The WREATH is an array of evergreens formed into a CIRCLE and placed on a table in  your home.

You can cut the evergreens and arrange them on a wire wreath form that you can purchase at a crafts store. Or, you can select a nice round container such as a cake baking pan, ceramic dish, or styrofoam circle that is thick enough to hold your evergreens.

To make it EASY, I use small glass candle holders for each of the slender candles – you can buy them at a Dollar Tree store.  They will hold your candle in place, and you can weave the greens around them.

You may  also choose to use pillar candles and place them in your container in a circle.  Make sure they are tall candles so the evergreens will never be near the  flames.

Place  the greens around your candle arrangement in the sequence of the weekly symbols as I have listed them below.


HOW TO place your candles in the wreath


Put the WHITE CANDLE into the CENTER of the WREATH.

Place the purple and pink candles in the evergreen circle.


Each candle in your wreath will be SYMBOLIC of the different aspects of the FIRST CHRISTMAS STORY.  You will be lighting  one candle per week.



The evergreens are green – the color of HOPE and RENEWAL.

The Advent Wreath  is a CIRCLE of LIGHT which symbolizes eternal life. It has no beginning, no end. It goes on forever, in a circle.


The candles will be placed around the outside of the wreath in this way.

Candle 1:  (Purple) Stands for HOPE.

It is the CANDLE OF LIGHT. For the Christians, our HOPE and our LIGHT is Jesus Christ.  We are now entering into the preparation of our lives in anticipation of the FIRST coming of the Lord.

Candle 2: (Purple) – Preparation, The Candle of Peace.

Candle 3:(Pink) – This  candle of LOVE,

is for Mary and the shepherds who were visited  by the Angel.

Candle 4:(Purple) – This is Angel’s Candle o r the Candle of Joy.

Candle 5: (White) – The Jesus Candle!

This pure white candle symbolizes PURITY, the virgin birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  He would also be known as  “The Spotless Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.”


Through the four weeks of ADVENT, we are anticipating the first coming of Jesus Christ.  Each candle we lit along the way has brought us to this moment when we can light the JESUS CANDLE  and complete our journey to see the Christ child.


I watched as a  priest lit the first candle.

 “This first candle stands for hope,” he said.


By Lynda McKinney Lambert

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Lynda McKinney Lambert

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