White Snakeroot

Allusions to Autumn

The story of White Snakeroot



I’ve been hard at work the past couple of weeks.

You ask, “Why is that?”

I’ll  tell you –

This is my Birthday Month, and I am celebrating with some good poems about this season and the Autumnal period of my own life.  I’ll be Seventy-four on August 27.

I’ve been  trying to write a poem,

White Snakeroot.

I’ve destroyed many drafts of it, and kept on searching for the muse to arrive to help me. I worked on it days and was up during the nights, many nights, trying to figure out how to express my thoughts on this Autumnal blooming plant in my woods.

Finally, it came to life for me. I sent it off immediately to an editor, and within a few hours he sent me a note to say

“it will be published in the September-October issue of Indiana Voice Journal.”

There’s just NO time for anything but what is good and true and holy.

Too many poems await me on this leg of the journey. But, I can say for certain,


I’ll share the poem with you AFTER it is published in Indiana Voice Journal!

“All’s Well!”


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“Thanks for rejoicing with me today.  Isn’t God so wonderful!”

Romans 8:28


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