Tuesday Treasures #3



Thursday Treasures #3_Little Things

5 June 2018

Thursday Treasures

I Think About

Little Things




Sometimes precious gifts come

at unexpected moments.

This little figure of Santa Claus dressed in BLUE is only about 2 inches high.

He was a surprise gift from a dear friend, Frau Susan Jewett of Cleveland Heights, Ohio one Christmas.

Susan and I traveled to Austria together each summer

She was the housing coordinator for our Summer Studies Program.

I was the professor who taught,

Drawing & Writing in Salzburg Austria)


Sometimes, in a quiet, gentle moment –

I often think about small things. I have realized recently that I tend to be a Curator of Small Things. It was a revelation to me when I discovered this hidden truth about myself.

I even wrote a poem titled,

“To the Curator of Small Things.”

It is a letter to myself – a collector of small things.

You can listen to this poem, read by Melissa Coddon, as it was published by Wordgathering Literary Magazine, September Issue 2017.  Click here to listen.

Little things in our everyday life matter more than we realize. Look around where you are. What is it that you surrounArt_PaperBowl,Flicker Featherd yourself with, in the privacy of your own home?

What makes you smile?

I call them…Little Treasures.


Today is chilly and rainy. We had some sunshine, but it’s been mostly overcast with a few moments of roaring thunder and an outburst of rain. The overcast day and the rain is welcome today.  I realized this weather is an important gift  because this day gave me time to work inside the house and I am content.

Yes, I said, today it rained! This is good. Now I won’t be able to go outside and pull weeds because it is too wet.  The poison ivy and the overgrown weeks will be there another day for me to deal with.  Instead, I’ll go upstairs and work in my studio for the day. I have nearly completed  a talisman. It’s on my work table. Truthfully, the unfinished talisman has been on my work table  for months. Too many to mention.  Much too long. I began working today to get it finished. It feels good to know I am nearly done with this new piece of art. And, the piece is turning out so different from what I first envisioned. Art is like that. It never fails. My art takes on a life all it’s own in the process of working on it. There are always surprises and challenges in the process. It’s a journey. And, I often think it is a pilgrimage. I am going somewhere when I pick up the first bits of materials. As the piece grows, so do I. Little things like this help me practice patience. They take time and concentration. I have to stay focused and centered. While I am putting together all the tiny pieces, I am at the same time, putting me together, too. I might be a frazzle or feel anxious when I sit down to work, but I start. And, soon, I am at a peaceful place and it’s good. I am piecing together the colorful fragments.

When I opened my E-mail this morning there was a short note waiting for me. An editor told me he plans to publish my poem in the next book he is working on at this time. He asked about changing a couple of words in the final line. Just a little change. I agreed, his suggestion is good. It was just a small thing. But, small things are important. Just a word can make a difference.

I think of our pets as little treasures, too. We took our two dogs, Miss Dixie Tulip and Miss Mitchell into town today and left them to be groomed. When we came back two and a half hours later, they were barking and dancing about with excitement. They look so clean and smell so nice. I realized what a blessing our pets are to us.  Little treasures. Our 2 cats and 2 dogs are rescued animals. Someone else had discarded them but they became our beloved treasures. As I write this blog post, our cat, Miss Bessie is cleaning her legs and feet. And, Miss Opal is having an afternoon cat nap. It’s quiet today. Peaceful.

These are just a few of the  little fragments of time and place that complete my day.

Think about your day and the little treasures you have enjoyed.

What gives you pleasure?

What are the precious moments of your day that give you contentment, at the end of the day?

Consider what it is that may seem like a little thing, but that is an enormous part of your life.


Tuesday Treasures

is presented by Pennsylvania author and artist, Lynda McKinney Lambert.

Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.


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