Saturday is for Sharing: Nessie’s Place

via “Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems” by Lynda McKinney Lambert

Saturday is for Sharing –

Nessie’s Place

A Blog by Felicia Denise


Nessie’s Place is a blog that  covers

~ Everything Literary ~



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At the urging of a good friend, Felicia took on the challenge of NaNoWriMo in 2015, writing what would become her first published book, In the Best Interest of the Child. It was released in the fall of 2016.  Quote from her About page.)


Walking by Inner Vision is delighted to share the work and stories of Felicia Denise today. Thank you for all you do to promote literacy.


Saturday is for Sharing… 

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Lynda McKinney Lambert 


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Walking by Inner Vision

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