A Summer Rerun: Lavender Bicycle Blues

As i read this wonderful post today, I thought, “This is perfect for my Thursday Treasures Series on SCAN.
I am re-blogging it, Alice. It brought back so many memories for me, of learning to ride my Schwin bicycle on a little neighborhood road in western Pennsylvania around 1949-50. My big collesion was with the Uncle Sam wooden statue that held our neighbor’s mailbox. He remarked that they wouold need to take out insurance on me soon if I kept running into that mailbox. Eventually, I did “get it” and I was off to explore for miles away as I was growing up.


NOTE:  Besides having to contend with regular bicycles, Bublr (correct spelling) Bikes, skateboards, joggers, runners, and construction on the sidewalks of Milwaukee–Willow and I report that as of late June, Bird Scooters have landed in Milwaukee to provide an additional challenge as my Leader Dog Willow aptly and confidently guides me through my neighborhood.

If I had grown up in a city the size of Milwaukee where one is not really allowed to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk, I doubt I would have ever learned how to ride a bike.  However, having grown up in a rural area of Indiana, I did learn to ride a bicycle.  Since this week has been such a busy one, I am sharing with you one of my favorite bicycle memoirs which I posted on WORDWALK almost five years ago (August 7, 2013).  I hope you enjoy the following  summer rerun.

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