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Frieda Taller’s first chapbook is now on Amazon!
Read a little bit about Friedda in her interview with Visual Artist, Blogger, and Author Lynda McKinney Lamabert.
Lynda is the author of “Walking by Inner Vision: Stories * Poems,” and other publications.

27 July 2018

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Guest Author: 

Frieda Taller

Note:  Normally, we publish our SATURDAY IS FOR SHARING feature on Saturday. But, this week, I am on a trip to New York City, so this feature will be coming out  Thursday night.


Hi Frieda – Miss Opal & I are pleased to present you today as our Guest Author. 

I understand you have published an e-book of your poetry.  Congratulations!   It is nice to feature a person who is just in the beginning stages of publishing poetry.

I’d like to hear more about you.


My first thought is to ask you about your name. I think it is unusual and I’d love to know the story behind it.


Q_What do you think about your name? Do you use your own name for your writing? If not, what name do you use? Tell us more about your name.

Answer: My name is Frieda, and I like it so much that I cringed whenever someone misspelled it. Fridz is the shorthand I used for my name and only people that are close to me call me with that name.

Frieda is a combination of my father and my mother’s name. It turned out so unique that most of the people I met like it, too. I also Googled its meaning, and it means peace and beauty, and that added up to my confidence. Because of its uniqueness, I use it with my writing. It’s a brand I carry, and I’m very proud of it.


Q_What do you look for in a personal relationship? Do you like a lot of friends and acquaintances? Or, a select few that know you well?

Answer: I consider myself a friendly person. I have a different set of friends: grade school, high school, college and colleagues from the different companies I work with. I also have friends from all over the world that I met through social media, but I still keep a few close friends that I share things intimately.

I get acquainted easily with people of different ages. I like talking to them and learning things about them especially their cultures. It keeps me inspired, and made me see the world without traveling.

That’s why I never believe in the saying that you shouldn’t talk to strangers, coz if I did, I wouldn’t be able to meet amazing people that helped me to become the person I am today. Thank goodness I have a rebel heart.


Q_.Are you a “Mountain,” “Valley,” or “Beach” lover? 

Answer: I am an abso-freaking-lutely a beach lover and all bodies of water such as the lake, river, sea, ocean, and even pool. The scenic view, the sunset, and the sunrise give me peace of mind. I find it very relaxing immersing in the water and basking in the sun.


Also, I love the color blue, so it also adds up to my fondness for the water. It’s very calming.

On the other hand, I like the view of the mountains and valleys only when it’s visible at the beach, but there’s no way I’d like to hike. Just hearing the word hiking or trekking tire me out already. I prefer having a tan than having sore muscles.


Q_When you say, “All’s well,” what do you really mean?

Answer: All’s well mean that everything will turn out fine, that no matter what happens, there will always be a solution to every problem that I am facing. I always tell myself that struggles, failures, and mistakes are part of growing up. These things are ladders to a better future ahead of me, so I should not be afraid to face them. I should not be scared to stumble and fall because I will be bouncing back, better and stronger.

As an additional, this phrase also means that after every storm is a brighter sky and a dazzling sun.


Q_When is the last time you had “fire in your eyes,” and what happened to light your fire?

Answer: Honestly speaking, I had lost the fire in my eyes a few months ago. It was Christmas time, my world crumbled, and my heart struck with thousands of spears. Constant disappointments, trust issues, work-related matters all piled up. And on top of that, I lost my dad six months before Christmas. I was having a hard time dealing with all these inside me as I never shared my pain with anyone. I put up a strong facade, faked smiles to hide the truth and silently cry at night.

I never gave up. I moved forward, day by day, no matter how hard it was until I get used to the pain.

And God is amazing. He poured down his power on me. He turned my pain into gain. He lit up the fire in me as he directed me to the right path. I met people that helped me improved myself and inspired me to share a part of me through my writings. I never imagined that I would be brave to publish my own e-book. And I did. The fire in me blazed up.


Visit Friena’s blog:

Behind every smile is a broken heart.

An honest journey of love, loss, pain and strength with some fantasized revenge. Each poem is a fragment of my heart and soul, the joy and the pain that every heartbroken person have experienced. Four stages of how someone deals with a heartbreak that everyone can totally relate to.

Frieda Taller – Contact Information:

  • Name: Frieda Taller
  • Book Title: Bleeding Hearts
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @foxyfridz
  • All photos for this article were provided by Frieda Taller.

I live in the city of Green, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The main link of my book is:

 Thank you so much for sharing with our readers today, Frieda.



Lynda McKinney Lambert. Copyright     DATE, 2018. All rights reserved.

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Here’s an interview from Ms. Lynda Lambert who invited me to be her guest author to help me promote my book.

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