#ShareAReviewDay – Walking by Inner Vision by Lynda McKinney Lambert

Thank you MARCIA for posting this review of my book! It looks great. I really appreciate this so much.

The Write Stuff

This morning, it is my pleasure to welcome Lynda McKinney Lambert to The Write Stuff. Lynda is sharing a review of her book of stories and poems, Walking by Inner Vision. I know you folks will really enjoy this one, and will share it on all your social media. Thanks so much!


“Walking by Inner Vision” Book Review
Posted on 5/1/2017
by Beckie Horter

Celebrating our successes as visually impaired people is an essential step on the journey to healing.Peer advisor, Lynda McKinney Lambertknows this firsthand.

Celebrating in a Memorable Way

After profound vision loss in 2007 due to Ischemic Optic Neuropathy, Lynda did not use a computer for almost two years. When she finally did relearn her way around the computer with the help of adaptive technology, she decided to celebrate in a memorable way. She started a blog.

Lynda’s blog, “Walking by Inner Vision,” grew…

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By Lynda McKinney Lambert

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Lynda McKinney Lambert

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2 replies on “#ShareAReviewDay – Walking by Inner Vision by Lynda McKinney Lambert”

I truly appreciate the feature on your blog, Marcia. I also enjoyed meeting you and will visit your blog often because you have so many interesting posts and guests. You are doing such wonderful work in Florida with your speaking engagements, too! You are a Renaissance Woman! Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your #ShareAReviewDay post from The Write Stuff here on SCAN. It was lovely to have you as our guest, and your story touched a lot of hearts. What this world needs is more people saying, “I can!” and fewer people saying, “I can’t.” You have done just that and your story will encourage others to take that first step and follow their dreams! Best of luck to you with your books and all you do! Hugs from sunny (and hot!) Florida!

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