12 things they don’t tell you about being a writer

Friday Favs: I found this blog article on Claire’s blog – and had to come here to read the entire piece. You are spot on. And, I also love how you find balance. I can relate to so many of your 12 points! I’ve just completed the work on my 3rd book and now, have to go back and work on some of the little details that need cleaned up and soon, I’ll be marketing the book to….where the Lord leads me. Your final point is exactly what keeps me going – there is someone who needs to hear my words.
Nice article and Thanks, Sara.

Sara Brunsvold

Growing up, I knew I wanted to be a writer. I loved the very thought of such a career and ached to see my creations on bookshelves. My only frame of reference for what a writer’s life looked like, however, was what I saw in movies and television shows.

As I began pursuing a writing career, I soon discovered all the parts that are not pretty enough for the screen.

If I could prepare my younger, starry-eyed self for what a writer’s life really is, here’s what I’d say:

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