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September 29, 2018

Article #135

SCAN: Hosted by Lynda McKinney Lambert & Miss Opal


Frances Strong is a prolific author as you will see in this interview.  Frances is Guest Author #13.

I think of #13 as a Baker’s Dozen – you get something  extra with Frances.

I first met Frances Dinkins Strong on an internet writers group, “Behind Our Eyes, Inc.”

Like most writers in this group, Frances is visually impaired. This fact does not prevent Frances from doing just about anything in her life. In our interview today, Frances reveals that  her books show her happy childhood despite  the onset of failing eyesight due to RP.  Learn More about RP – Click Here!


Her love and dedication for animals is prevalent in her fiction and non-fiction stories.

Miss Opal and Lynda are glad to share

Frances and her books

with YOU today. 

Q_ Who is your closest friend and how did you meet this person?  Are you soul mates or polar opposites?

Frances: My closest friend is my husband, Jimmy Strong. We met when I was a junior and he a senior in high school. It just so happened  that Jimmy  was a substitute school bus driver one day when he met me, and said, “That’s the girl I want to marry.”

I accepted Jimmy’s invitation to the Junior/senior prom dance that year. Afterwards, we both went off to college and I didn’t see him for three years. In the summer of 1961 Jimmy worked for Tom Evans Garage as a summer job. My father came in and spoke to him. That incident encouraged Jimmy to reignite our relationship.

Jimmy and I  were married on June 12 1963, three days after I graduated from Columbia College. Our commitment to our vows and faith in Jesus Christ have directed our paths for fifty-five years. He is my life-long soul mate.

Q_  What could you never live without? And why?  What would happen if this would go away?

Frances: My faith, hope and love for Jesus Christ is what motivates me every day to live the best I can to please my Lord and Savior for He has given His life for me. Without Him in my life, I would have no purpose and meaning to keep going on. It would be a dismal existence indeed.

Q_  Do you have a favorite bird or animal?  Is it  a totem to you?  When did you become aware of that special creature in your life?

Frances:  A horse came into my life as a miracle when I was fourteen years old. My father bought a filly and the mare for my sister unaware the mare was in foal. So the next year my colt became my “first love.” My sister and I had the most fun training and riding our young horses everywhere. Fella, my bay gelding, lived thirty-three years on our farm. He even helped train my three children to ride and to enjoy the wonderful adventures with horses.

Q_ Have you authored a book? Or more? Can you tell us about how you began to write that book? 

Frances: In 1991 I found a neglected, older black horse I named Lucky. He gave me the spark to get up in the morning and care for him. After his death in 1998 I told my friend about Lucky. She told me it sounded like a good children’s story. With much encouragement, I wrote my first book, A Lucky Pair, where Lucky tells his story. My sister illustrated the book which made it extra special to me and my family.

Q_ Do you have a favorite song that brings back good memories? What would the song  be?

Frances: One of my favorite songs is “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” I started keeping my granddaughter, Laura, when she was three years old. I watched Laura three days a week. On my stereo I played mostly beautiful semi-classical music to relax by. She and I loved humming and  creating imaginary dance moves to the melodies. Laura and I especially loved “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and would sing the lyrics too. Later I found a small music box which  played the tune and gave it to Laura for a birthday gift. Laura is now a seventeen-year-old troubled young woman. I pray that one day she will soar over her rainbow and find happiness.

1939 – Judy Garland Sings, Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Listen Here.

List of Frances Dinkins Strong children’s books:

  1. A Lucky Pair
  2. Pat, the Cat
  3. Beth’s Fella
  4. Sally and Grandma
  5. The Adventures of Michael Henry, the Mouse Part 1
  6. The Adventures of Michael Henry, the Mouse part 2
  7. The Adventures of Michael Henry, the Mouse Part 3

Q_ Frances, when I look at this list of published books, I have to ask if there is room for anything else in your life, besides writing and publishing.  It looks to me as though your plate is full. What else would you want our readers to know about you?

Frances:  Although I am a late bloomer in writing, I also  enjoy singing in the church choir, sending and receiving e mails, studying the Bible on-line.

I’m also researching family history, caring for my husband  and writing many more memoirs.

More Information from Frances

Beth’s Fella

is a Memoir.

Available in print from Amazon or from author



Note: Photo of book cover for A Lucky Pair. Provided by the author.


Lynda McKinney Lambert. Copyright. September 28,, 2018. All rights reserved.

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6 replies on “Saturday is for Sharing – Meet Frances Strong”

My friend and former colleague Alice Massa shared this interview and I am so happy she did. I have a copy of Beth’s Fella which she recommended and I enjoyed reading it so much. Alice was also kind enough to gift me with a copy of Walking by Inner Vision. Like both Frances and Lynda I live in a rural area and love animals. I was thinking of Frances during the recent flooding in the Carolinas and hope all is well.

Sue, how nice of you to comment about Frances’ book and mine, as well.
I am glad you enjoyed this Guest Author feature on SCAN. The best thing ab out it, for me, is getting to know the authors in such a deeper way and to learn ab out the inspirations behind each of their books. Please join us again for the next Saturday is for Sharing feature – Your kind note is a blessing to all of us. Thank you!

Thank you Patty, for sharing Frances’ story on Campbell’s World. These remarkable books would be a wonderful gift for children and young adults and I am getting them for my great-granddaughter for Christmas this year. They love to read and I think that giving them this kind of books will inspire their imaginations. As a child, I loved reading books about horses, too.

Hello, Lynda and Frances–I was eagerly awaiting your “Saturday Is for Sharing” and could not have been more delighted than to find the guest author to be Frances Strong!  What a wonderful article!  Frances Strong’s preteen or YA book BETH’S FELLA is appealing to young readers of chapter books, as well as all of us who dreamed of or who did have a horse or horses in our younger days.  What a wholesome, loving, and interesting book!  I can hardly wait until Christmas to give a copy of this marvelous book to my great-niece who is now eight and is taking riding lessons. Additionally, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the children’s books of Frances and am so proud to have Frances’ books on my bookshelf.  At a meeting, I once heard Mrs. Strong share a delightfully expressive reading of one of her children’s books. Her love for children is woven into her remarkable words.  I recommend the books of Frances Strong very highly and encourage you to add them to your gift-giving list to warm more hearts.

Thanks for a “blue-ribbon” post!

Alice Massa and Leader Dog Willow

Thank you Alice for the book review of Frances. I agree with you completely.
The books would be great for gifting this year to the children on our Christmas lists. My great-granddaughters are 8 and 9 years old – the books will be perfect gifts for them. Frances takes us all into her world.

Thank you Frances, for gifting us all with such a wonderful life story, too.

Reblogged this on Campbells World and commented:
A most well-done interview.
I hope everyone will read and share.
If you love encouraging kids to read, the author interviewed here will certainly help you to do this.
If you’d like to be a guest on Lynda’s blog be sure to contact her soon.

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