AUTHOR’S CORNER: Christmas Scentiments by Lynda McKinney Lambert

My POEM, Christmas Scentiments, is published in my latest book, Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems. Thank you, Patty Fletcher, for featuring it today in Campbell’s World. The photo was taken by ME at the Andy Warhol Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA. My great-granddaughter, Delaunay Yaromey, had to take a break for her feet were hurting. This is what happens when FASHION and DESIRE override our common sense some times. Enjoy my poem!

Campbells World


Christmas SCENTiments

by Lynda McKinney Lambert

from her book: Walking by Inner Vision: StExpensive Italian Shoes_Christmas Scentiments_poem_LLambert.JPGories & Poems, DLD Books, 2017.

All I want for Christmas is aroma therapy

beneath my fragrant Christmas tree.

“Chanel #5” casts a festive spell.  I want it!

Did I mention I’d like some kick-ass shoes, too?

expensive Italian shoes suit me best. I want them!

forget about those Elvin gifts and

get me Ferragamo, size 8   in soft brown leather.

handbags from Italy? yes, I want Sharif.

I admit I am a handbag snob – I WANT gifts from Paris, too.

just give me what I want and nothing less.

keep shopping till you drop, Dear Santa!

let me give you additional tips for what I want

Marilyn Miglin’s “M” perfume, Versace “Crystal

Noir” (with never ending desires)

or perhaps “Opium” to send me into a “Euphoria.”

“Pheromone” is an exotic fragrance – I…

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By Lynda McKinney Lambert

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