AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: One Ordinary Day in December by: Lynda McKinney Lambert

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Thank you Patty Fletcher for highlighting my article on one day in my writing life. Glad to share this story with your readers.

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Hello again campbellsworld visitors and readers one and all!

I’m back again with a magnificent post from author Lynda McKinney Lambert.

In this offering she shows us all the many things she does during the day as she squeezes in time to write.

In this moving post, you see life new and old, you see doubt and loving assurance, most of all you see love.

Thanks to you Lynda for sharing a snatch of your life with us.

I just have one tiny question. How is Ms. Opal handling the new dogs?

Maybe Lynda will comment and let us know.

For now, please do enjoy this article, and please, if you would, give it a like and a…

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By Lynda McKinney Lambert

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Lynda McKinney Lambert

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