A Proverb for the End of the Year

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A Proverb for the End of the Year

By Lynda McKinney Lambert, Pennsylvania Author & Artist

With the old Almanack and the old Year,

Leave thy old Vices, tho’ ever so dear. –Proverb

According to todays issue of the Old Farmer’s Almanac – Companion Newsletter

Today’s poetry feature is a little SIXTEEN WORD PROVERB.

What is a Proverb?

“Proverbs. They’re old-fashioned, folksy, pithy — and everywhere. ~Mark Peters

I read an essay on the topic of proverbs by Mark Peters, posted on November 21, 2016. I think his advice and information is spot on for us to read on this final day of 2018. Mark’s essay gives a several views of what a Proverb is and some of them are not positive. He examines the entire spectrum of this topic, which I enjoyed reading today.  

You can find Marks article on Proverbs at

Personally, I like Mark’s comment,

“we need proverbs because they reflect who we are.”

I also believe a proverb can connect  us to who we are. A proverb can enlighten us and give us direction, as in the one quoted at the beginning of this article. This was the featured poetic quote in today’s issue of the Old Farmer’s Almanac – Companion Newsletter. Each day there is a new poetic quote with photograph. It’s a beautiful way to begin the day.

I’ve seen how a proverb helps us to define our world view. The Proverbs we choose to quote give a lot of insight into what we think. You will begin to think of the many proverbs you utter in your daily conversations once you become aware of them.

Without knowing what your world view is, and how you got it, you are adrift in the sea of human ideas. I’ve considered, for years, how our world view reflects our core beliefs. We seldom stop to think about the little things we say all the time.

It’s good for us to examine our thoughts and figure out where our own ideas and beliefs incubated. We can start by thinking about what we say unconsciously all the time.

What  Proverbs do  YOU quote often?


If so, this may be something that will help you to understand who you are. You can begin with a PROVERB that you like.

Keep that PROVERB in mind, and begin to reflect on the message.

The PROVERB quoted at the top of this article asks us to take stock of the past year and think about a “vice” we may have held onto. Since this is the 365th day of 2018, we’ve had an entire year to grasp something that is not beneficial to us. Is it time to let it go? Here, we have the wisdom of the ages in just SIXTEEN words. What vice will you give up for 2019.

This article was written and brought to you by Pennsylvania Author, Lynda McKinney Lambert. December 31, 2018.

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By Lynda McKinney Lambert

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