The Connie

Friday Fav for January 4, 2019.

Today, I am honoring and celebrating a wonderful achievement.

My  story, “The Connie” is the MOST-VISITED  Blog Post on SCAN.

I first published it on SCAN-  July 10, 2016.

“The Connie,” also appears in my latest book, “Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems,” DLD Books, 217. Since it was first published, “The Connie” continues to be the MOST VISITED POST here on SCAN.

Publication Record for

“The Connie”

 Indiana Voice Journal, September 2016. Issue #26

  SCAN, Blog. February  9, 2016 and January 4, 2019

  Lambert, Lynda McKinney. Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems, 2017

Magnets & Ladders, Spring/Summer 2018. Won 2nd Place in Non-fiction, $20.00 prize.

Take a break from your  ***Beginning-of-the-Year ***  planning, and take a walk with me along the banks of “The Connie.” I’ll meet you there.

Gifts of the Spirit Blog

The Connie

by Lynda McKinney Lambert

July 9, 2016

High humidity and stifling heat on this July afternoon begins to urge me to dream of the month ahead. I admit it! I love late August days even more because they signify the approaching end of summer.

When nights become cooler I’ll begin to forget the predictable, unrelenting steamy days and nights of July. Temperature readings by mid-August will drop down into the 50s. I’ll open the windows; feel the cool breeze move through the familiar old house. July’s humidity and stuffiness will be swept away from the house and my thoughts when I begin to sense the shift of a quickly approaching change of seasons. My senses begin to stir my imagination today. There is something brewing in the atmosphere as I stand in the mid-day sunshine and look at the landscape all around me. I see every imaginable hue…

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By Lynda McKinney Lambert

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