Saturday is for SHARING – Mike Bayles

miss Opal and Lynda are delighted to re-blog our top winners for the special feature – Saturday is for Sharing – on SCAN-a-BLOG in 2018. Mike Bayles interview took SECOND PLACE in the MOST-VISITED blog of this series from 2018.
Mike shares this honor with Bruce Atchison, who had the same number of visitors to his interview. It was a TIE for Second Place in the yearly STATS. We appreciate you both so much and invite you to return again. Let Miss Opal and I know what is coming up for you this year. CONGRATULATIONS MIKE.

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September 22, 2018

Saturday is for Sharing

Series of Guest Authors – #12

Miss Opal & Lynda

Welcome YOU to

Saturday is for Sharing


Mike Bayles

Wisconsin Author
& Poet

Welcome, Mike.

I really like the idea of blended genre – a collage – a different way of
presenting the passage of time – not in a linear way and not solely by use of
only one genre.

I am so interested in the work of creative people
who are working across genre and across disciplines like you do.

I am very interested in how you approach literature.Who influences you ? What
kind of writing are you particularly drawn to ?

Mike_ Interesting questions.
I don’t relate to the Post Modernist label. The poets I follow most closely are
Emily Skaja, Kara Candito, Matt Hart, and Caryl Pagel.

I have done poetry
readings in The…

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By Lynda McKinney Lambert

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Lynda McKinney Lambert

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