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Learn Polymer Clay

Hello dear friends!

This is Day 4 of the Use your Scrap Clay Challenge! I hope you`re having fun and that in the same time you look at your scrap clay with other eyes – seeing more possibilities.

I know I kept on storing scrap clay ( I also love working with polymer clay out of the box), but sooner or later you`ll have to find a solution for your pile of scrap clay.

In today`s tutorial we are going to use silver foil and alcohol inks (you can never go wrong with such a combination, you can only be amazed!) and Diamond Glaze on top for a resin-like finish. I`m using a fox stamp but you can use the stamps of your choice and I`m sure you`ll get an amazing result!

You can say that I`m only covering part of the scrap clay (with silver foil), while the sides…

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By Lynda McKinney Lambert

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You are most welcome. I think your idea of doing a series of projects using scraps is wonderful. I am doing this with my yarn stash this year. I have vowed to NOT BUY any more yarn this year, but dip into my vast yarn stash and come up with projects to use it. I am a retired art professor! I’ll keep an eye on what you are doing and share it when appropriate – Happy crafting! Share the happiness.

Thank you, Lynda, for your beautiful message. I’m in admiration for your beautiful beaded pieces and also for the way you share your passion for art, exploration, inner vision through your blog and your published books. I can totally relate to what you said about using the stash that you already have. I also piled up scrap clay (because it was easier to open up a new package and it’s surely easier to condition new clay), but I had to find a solution for that scrap clay. And I thought I might not be the only one that has postponed using up the scrap clay. I wish you lots of inspiration for your yarn stash and have a beautiful and creative day!

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