Added more color! (Check it out)

Sharing this because not only is the work stunning, the thoughts behind the work are so accurate and spot-on. Brandon lets you in on a secret, here. The secret is that what YOU SEE is not the ART. The ART is the process that the artist is navigating through to get to the end of the work. The ART WORK itself, is the TRACS left BEHIND by the ARTIST who was on a journey of discoveries.
Brandon, thank you for visiting my blog today – and keep on going. Share the joy of creation with the world.

Chaotic Shapes

dsc_0477Lately, I have had a weird schedule.

I apologize about the length of time in between posts.

Throughout this drawing, I have to keep reminding myself “one moment at a time Brandon.”

You have to appreciate the creative process. It is not always about the end result.

What matters the most is the “creative process.”

If you do not enjoy the adventure you get out of each piece you create. You should reconsider what you are creating.

Create with your soul and remember to use lots of love.

If the mind begins to create any false beliefs.

Remember anything is possible.

Put your heart/soul into what you are creating and anything can be created.

No one is stopping you from being you beside yourself.

Create art from your soul and not for the attention of people and their reaction.

Create to create.

Never create to impress.

If all you want…

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