Poetry Critiques during National Poetry Month

As we are closing in on the final days of National Poetry Month, I am sharing this delightful and insightful essay/poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa today. I think you will bind it inspiring, hilarious and educational. Enjoy the day! Read a POEM.


Poetic Day 24 of National Poetry Month:  April 24, 2019, Wednesday

With fireworks over Lake Michigan (near my townhouse) last evening and sunshine over the big lake (and through my windows) this morning, another poetic day has dawned.  Have you taken or given “The Poetry Challenge”–“Willow’s Poetry Challenge”?  If not, please read my post of April 23, Monday.  By the way, in that Monday post, “P.C.” may represent “Poetry Challenge” or “Poetically Correct.”

Should “P.C.” also stand for “Poetically Critiqued”?  Placing one’s poem in public–no matter the forum (blog, other online publication, magazine or journal, book, critique session, other literary meeting, open microphone session, poetry workshop, classroom, etc.)–opens the door to being critiqued.

The critique may range from a positive and easily accepted suggestion to a much too harsh negative comment, from an overly flowery compliment to an unfair criticism.  With such a broad spectrum of possibilities of shared perspectives…

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By Lynda McKinney Lambert

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5 replies on “Poetry Critiques during National Poetry Month”

Dear Lynda,
Thank you for re-blogging Alice’s delightful poem, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading! I am so pleased that your readers will be able to enjoy it as well.
Best wishes to you,

Mary, this is really a wonderful post, isn’t it! Alice has a fantastic way of writing that is so unique and memorable. I enjoy all of her posts. She has so much good energy in her work! Thanks for your comment.

Dear Lynda,

    Your re-blogging my post about critiques is greatly appreciated.  Many thanks for sharing this post with your wider readership!  I am truly honored whenever you choose to re-blog a piece of mine.

With gratitude and good wishes,

Alice Massa and Leader Dog Willow

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