#ShareYourRejection: I Received 330 Writing Rejections in One Year, and I’m So Happy About It

Rejections. We need them.

This article is a good perspective on the value of rejections for our writing submissions.

I view each rejection as a “NO” and I understand that each “NO” brings me one step closer to the “YES” I am aiming for.

Step out there and send your work out to the appropriate publications and see where you are after an entire year of sending work out.

Rejections are valuable to us – they bring us the publications we want if we keep on putting out our work.

For my first chapbook,

I sent out the manuscript to 13 publishers. 

During the year, it was rejected 12 times.  Finally, after exactly one year, the chapbook was accepted by a well-respected publisher and will be published later this year. I think of this as a “baker’s dozen.”  A dozen rejections plus one acceptance letter.  I am happy that the rejection was the final response to my 13 submissions.  I know the value of rejections. We need them.

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jay vera summerBy Jay Vera Summer

When I first began submitting to online literary magazines seven years ago, I had no idea how the process worked. I felt nervous and intimidated, and it took all of my courage to send something out. I’d submit to one publication, wait, think about the submission literally every day, and then feel dejected and possibly cry when I received a rejection weeks or months later.

Each time I saw a rejection in my inbox, I took it personally. I’d wonder if my writing was trash, if I should give up writing completely. It’d take me a few weeks to rebuild my confidence, then start the process all over, submitting my story or essay to another lit mag, then waiting. If three lit mags rejected something, I abandoned it, figuring the editors knew better than I did.

As some of you have probably guessed, I didn’t get…

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By Lynda McKinney Lambert

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Lynda McKinney Lambert

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3 replies on “#ShareYourRejection: I Received 330 Writing Rejections in One Year, and I’m So Happy About It”

Thanks, Donna. I appreciate you comment.
I’ve had a busy few days because 2 of my daughters came “home” to give me a nice “Mother’s Day,” with lunch today and shopping and flowers and a 6-pack of my favorite Dutch beer. lol We even attended a concert tonight. They will both leave for home tomorrow and I will miss their laughter. Next weekend, I will celebrate with another daughter – and my son sent me beautiful flowers – purple calla lilies. All’s well.

Lynda, Congratulations for doing what it takes to succeed! Reminds me of the Thomas Edison quote – something like “I didn’t fail a thousand times; I now know a thousand things that don’t work.”

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