I am re-blogging this message to SCAN-A-BLOG this morning. I like to SHARE the HAPPINESS of LIFE.
Thank you for this beautiful message.
Let’s all pay attention to the little glimpses and sounds of life all around us today.
Sight – Sound- Taste – Touch – BREATH –
Life is to live in awareness of the NUANCES.


Oftentimes, we fail to remember the things we should be grateful for in our lives. It’s human nature and we’re all guilty of it at some point. Typically, we tend to focus on our misfortunes, rather than counting our blessings. We take life for granted, forget how to live our lives to the fullest, as we should – with peace, love and contentment. We shouldn’t have to face a critical, life-threatening dilemma to realize and appreciate what we have. Unfortunately, it happens quite frequently, and when it does, that’s when regrets become present. They say the past is full of tears and the future is full of fears. I can surely relate as I have for many years however, I’ve learned to live in the present and make the best out of each day with the things in life that matter the most to me. It’s done me a world…

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  1. Lynda, thanks for finding and sharing this. The windows of our new sun room are open, it’s beautiful out, I can hear the birds, the frogs and the wonderful new guy we just found to help Rich with mowing our “lawn.” The smell too is heavenly.


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