Exam Period: The Way I Study

I am re-blogging this excellent article on how to STUDY for exams in your ACADEMIC LIFE.
I graduated as Summa Cum Laude with my BFA Degree.
I went on to earn 2 to graduate degrees in Fine Arts and English following that. Following my academic education, I was a college professor. This article is spot on, in my experience as a highly successful student and later as a professor. How I wish that others could find this article and take it to heart – it takes a lot of planning and hard work to success in your studies, but I agree it is life-changing and worth it all. This is a great plan for success!

a w a r e a r t h

I disappeared from the virtual platforms in the past months, but probably you know the reason why: the exam period is here!
What’s more, I have other challenges as well this time of the year, for instance an Italian business language exam, Master Programme exams and a final exam at my current university.
If I think it over, studying efficiently is so important for me right now, because my results will define my future life.
The aim of my post is
toshare my studying tips and to motivate anyone,
who needs some inspiration

during the exam period.
I hope, I can empower you!

First of all, I need to mention that each of us studies in a different way, which means we have different kind of study methods. It might happen that my tips won’t work for you, but it is okay.
Hopefully, my ideas will help you to…

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