Happy Mother’s Day, 2019!

I am sharing this post by a wonderful writer who lives in Milwaukee, WI. She writes about her life as a young girl growing up in Indiana, and her family who settled in the US, from Italy. I think you will really enjoy her posts. Please let her know, if you do.


An Abecedarian of Thanks for Mothers

by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

Adopted children give generous thanks to Mother.

Baby at Mother’s breast coos tender, loving thanks to Mama.

Children with special needs harmonize with special gratitude to special Mothers.

Daughters and sons of all ages and stages of life lavish thankful praise on Mothers.

Elderly children still remember the enduring , loving appreciation of Mothers.

From Florida to Alaska, so many fondly give floral thanks to Mothers.

Godchildren, from near and far, are grateful for Godmothers, too.

Homes are where we find the heart of motherhood.

Indiana to Italy are where we find the family tree of our ancestral mothers.

Join hand in hand to circle mothers with thanks and love on this holiday.

Kisses for the mother who taught us to be grateful, kind and caring.

Loving appreciation…

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