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31 August 2019

Do you know what your J O B in life is?




Below:  Photos of Lynda at work in her fiber art studio.

Top Photo shows a collection of beads she will be using to create a talisman.



Bottom Photo: Lynda at work using her Acrobat CCTV.  

Lynda, at work on a fiber art project. She uses an Acrobat CCTV, which magnifies the tiny beads and stitches for her on a closed circuit television screen. Lynda is visually impaired and uses a variety of technologies for the blind to do her intricate work in art and writing.





Have you contemplated what God has for YOU to do in this world?

I received this note yesterday from a dear friend 

who has always inspired me to be the best “ME” that I can be.

Let this be a reminder, Lynda, that our job is to do our job and outcomes are up to God.   Someday you will be amazed when you find out how many people you have inspired.

~Dr. Ann Paton, E-mail message, August 30, 2019.

As an Artist and Writer, I have a very clear JOB DESCRIPTION.
I preserve MEMORIES and I celebrate BEAUTY.

“Do the WORK.

And, Keep on DOING THE WORK.”

That’s it!

God takes it from there – my WORK is COMPLETE when I have shared it and only GOD knows WHO will benefit from it.

The PEOPLE my work will reach and what they will receive from it – is not my  JOB.

This article is written and shared by Lynda McKinney Lambert.

Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

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My newest book is   Star Signs: New & Selected Poems, KDP, 2019.

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Lynda’s  SMART TIP:

The holidays are not-so-far-away.

Perhaps you would like to purchase a few copies of my books,  for gifting  this year.  Several people have contacted me and want me to sign the books they will be gifting and I can do that for you – just let me know how many you want and send me a list of the names you want put into the book.

My interview with  the amazing author, A. L. butcher,  was published on her blog.  I think you’ll know more about me after you read this interview.

I appreciate the opportunity of sharing my life with friends and supporters.

Thank you, A.J. Butcher,  for this feature article.  I really enjoyed doing it with you.

A Day in the Life of… Lynda McKinney Lambert: 

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MFA, West Virginia University
BFA and MA from Slippery Rock University of PA

Lynda  was professor of fine arts and humanities at Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA until her retirement in 2008. Since that time,

Lynda  writes and makes her mixed media fiber art full-time from See it here!



Lynda authored 3 published books:

*** Star Signs: New and Selected Poems, KDP, 2019.

*** Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems,  CreateSpace, 2017.

*** Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage,  2003, Kota Press.  See it Here!



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104 River Road, Ellwood City, PA 16117

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A Day in the Life of… Lynda McKinney Lambert #Uniqueauthors #Visualartist #Wordsarepower

I wanted  to say “Thank YOU” for this opportunity to share my thoughts with your audience, Alexandra Butcher. I welcome any questions or communications that anyone has for me – and I will respond to them. I hope you will take a few moments to click on one of my links – and see more photos, stories, poems, and articles.

Library of Erana

Meet Author and Visual Artist:

Lynda McKinney Lambert lives and works in the Village of Wurtemburg, in rural western Pennsylvania.

Lynda Lambert

  1. Please give us a brief outline of who you are. 

I wear a variety of different hats. I use this word, hats, to describe an actual object, as well as a metaphor that portrays myself.  It is a little thing – but important.

Today, I am working on P.R.  for my latest poetry book,Star Signs: New and Selected Poems, just published on July 15.

Star Signs: New and Selected Poems showcases my professional career as a poet from the mid-80s and takes readers to the latest poems, written just before the book was published.

I  give readers 54 poems in this collection.

2. You’re a writer and artist – how is this reflected in your typical day?

Now that I am retired from my international teaching career, my…

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CRYSTALS ASSOCIATED WITH FIRE #Crystals#Fire#Healing#Stones#Power

This is a really good article on crystals and fire. As I was reading, I kept thinking of the many times fire appears in the Bible. Immediately, I thought of Moses and the Burning Bush – how God appeared as a Burning Bush and spoke directly to Moses while he was out there in the desert – and he was sure “out there” as well when this happened. There are many other references to fire and the importance of fire – but my favorite one of all is the one I carry inside of ME – the First of the Holy Spirit.

I have a love of Crystals – use them in my art work and wear them daily no matter where I am going or what I am doing. I have Crystals in my home in just about every room – always a reminder of the beauty and joy of the Creator who fashioned them all.

Campbells World

Crystals Associated with Fire

The element, Fire is associated with the Summer season and with heat.

In the Chinese Medicine paradigm, the element is associated with the heart, pericardium, small intestines and related to the tongue.

Fire represents physical strength, force, courage, desire, initiative, fertility, passion, purification, and rejuvenation. It represents both light and heat. A positive fire person is strong, courageous and bold, dramatic and passionate in all areas within himself.

Emotionally, this element is associated with the mind and its stability. The heart is the “seat” of the mind and therefore, its highest expression is love. Enthusiasm, warmth in human relationships and conscious awareness.

Here are some of my favorite crystals representing fire:

Fire Agate:

Most often found in North America. Comes in shades of orange, brown, blue, or green. A strong connection to the energies of the earth. Excellent stone to use before meditating. Induces a feeling…

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Have you seen the Writer’s Grapevine yet?
Have a look through this newsy letter and be sure to look for a PICTURE of my BOOK there – with information on how YOU can get a copy for yourself. My book is now available on AUDIBLE, too.

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SUNDAY JUNE 16, 2019



If you’ve trouble clicking any of the links in this newsletter, simply copy and paste them directly into your internet browser. If for some reason they do not work correctly for you once you’ve done this, please email:  to let me know.

This newsletter is not currently being edited by a sighted person and my screen reader cannot possibly catch all mistakes.

This newsletter contains 16 pages and a wordcount of 5,313.

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Writer’s Grapevine.

We’re glad to see all of you back again this week because we’ve got some great ads and articles to share.

Before I begin with this week’s issue, I’d like to take a moment to talk to you about how you can sponsor the Writer’s Grapevine and Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing and recognize…

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Ask and Ye Shall Have, Believe and it Shall Be So, So a Man Think So Shall He Be:#Accessibility#Blessing#disAbility#Technology#Travel

Sharing this blog post from Campbell’s World.
Lots of great information here and you may get some ideas for your own use – please re-blog to others if you can.

Campbells World


To learn more about and donate to the center written of here visit:

Spark | Knoxville, TN: Connecting people with disabilities


Good morning everyone.

I hope this message finds you doing super great.

First, let me tell you of the wonderful trip to Knoxville Tennessee I took yesterday. I went to Knoxville to a tech center there which caters to the needs of those who are disAbled in some way. Not to just blind persons mind you, but all persons who are disAbled.

I’d like to stop here, and have you note the way I write the word disAbled. See where the emphasis lies. Give that some thought. Screen reader users, arrow through the word.

Anyhow, getting back on track, I’ll start with the trip there. The driver was polite, and helpful. He was also conversational which was nice all by itself. After a while though we…

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FEATURED BUSINESS OF THE WEEK: Heidi Lambert McClure Sassafras Hill Studio

Re-blogging this feature article about my daughter, Heidi Lambert McClure who is the owner of Sassafrass Hill Studio. Check our her studio page on Face Book. Remember the HOLIDAYS are not too far away – and how about BIRTHDAYs and other events. BUY your GIFTS from Heidi’s studio and help support her.

Campbells World

Good morning.

I’d like to introduce you to our newest Totally Talented Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist) Family Member Client.

Are you looking for that special birthday or holiday gift? Need a specific kind of greeting card? Love the feel of homemade soap?

If you love handmade jewelry, candles, greeting cards, and more this post is for you.

O.K. Get your shopping mojo on, cause here…we…go…!


Heidi Lambert McClure Sassafras Hill Studio

First, tell us a little about yourself?

My name Is Heidi, I just turned 55 years old. I live in the beautiful mountains of western Pennsylvania with my husband Jerry and our odd assortment of rescue pets.  We live in the woods in a Log home that we built by hand back in 1997-1999.

What type of business or Nonprofit do you own or work for?

I own The Sassafras Hill Studio                                                  This is where…

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AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: Oh! Monday Me by Lynda Lambert

I am re-blogging this article that appeared last year in Campbell’s World.
This article give you an behind-the-scenes-view of what my life as artist and author is like – on just one day.
What is your world like?
That could be the topic of a new article or poem you could write.
Is your day anything like mine – and how is that?
Is yours total different – and what are the differences?
What inspired you to write or make art?

Campbells World

Good morning campbellsworld visitors and Literary Consumers everywhere.
Yep, I made up a new term. It popped into my head and I thought I’d try it out.

This morning author Lynda Lambert has something most excellent to share. She’s started a new series and as I was reading I realized it would fit just perfectly into the Authors, They’re Only Human column.

So, without further ado, here’s Lynda!

Be sure to read on after her offering to see all about Lynda and her work.

Oh, Monday Me! #1
Walking by Inner Vision Blog
Oh, Monday Me!
#1 in my new Series
So Much to do & so Little Time to do it all?

Do you ever wonder how artists or writers spend the day?
How do they find time to work in their studios or offices?
Is it possible they never sleep?
Or maybe, they are just so full…

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AUTHOR’S CORNER: Guest Author Carol Taylor #Author#Blogger#Essay#Family#Food#Dogs

This is an enjoyable interview with Carol.
I liked learning something new – never heard of the dogs of Thailand, but glad she has one and is giving the dog a family and lots of good care now. I also can relate to her pet peeves – we all have them, if we are honest about it – but who cares? lol Life goes on around us no matter if we are peeved at something or not. I hope Carol does get on the “best seller” list in the near future – best of everything to you, Carol. I’ll see you at the top.

Campbells World

Good morning again campbellsworld visitors.

We open this week’s Author’s Corner with a fabulous guest.

We have here with us, none other than the famous author blogger CarolCooks2. Yes, that’s right. It’s Carol Taylor, live and in person right here in our very own Author’s Corner.

Way back in June, she answered my call to action request for guest authors, and not only did she answer, but she, like Sally Cronin took my questionnaire and wrote an essay for me to share with you.

So, without further delay I give you, Carol.

*&$%^ Hold on! Wait! King Campbell here, please excuse the interruption. My human mother who is very smart, is also very forgetful. She has forgotten to introduce a most important guest who appears here with Human Carol.

So, before we read this awesome essay, please let me introduce Dog Saangchai who is here with his human mother.


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art Lynda McKinney Lambert Nature Poetry

What I WANT…

Post # 203

3 August 2019


What I Want…

by Lynda McKinney Lambert


Photo: “Lynda – A Portrait in the Garden,” by Bob Lambert


How do you know what to send

to the editor who wants to SHOWCASE

your LATEST BOOK in his magazine?


This week an EDITOR gave me the information he wants so he can publish a SHOWCASE for my latest book.  He will focus on my new book

Star Signs: New and Selected Poems, KDP, 2019.

My book was just published on July 15, 2019.

Remember, this is your SHOWCASE, so have FUN putting it together.

You want readers to buy your book and become READERS of your books.


  1. Put together a SHORT INTRO to your book for your READERS.
  2. Why did you write this book?  Be clear in this response.
  3. Why should the READER buy your BOOK? You must learn to ROMANCE your MERCHANDISE – your book IS MERCHANDISE that was made  to be SOLD.
  4. Create a SHORT WRITE-UP about YOU, the Author. You are SELLING YOURSLELF, first of all.
  5. Give 3 SHORT REVIEWS your book has garnered – Give the LINKS to the reviews.
  6. Give 3 SHORT EXAMPLES from your TEXT. (3 Short poems or 3 short excerpts from an essay or text of the book.)
  7. Put your INFORMATION under each SAMPLE.
  8. Give the NUMBER of PAGES  (or POEMS) in your book.
  9. Where can READERS BUY THE BOOK?
  10. Can they get a SIGNED COPY, and how much will it cost?


This essay is brought to you by author, Lynda McKinney Lambert.

Click here  for MY BOOK PAGE

Walking by Inner Vision.

Lynda’s Author ‘s Page

This blog post is the property of Lynda McKinney Lambert.

Copyright August 3, 2018. Lynda McKinney Lambert. All rights reserved.

 Let me know how this WORKS for YOU.

Leave me a comment, please.

I love to hear from my FRIENDS and READERS.