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What I WANT…

What does an EDITOR want from you, the author?
Pennsylvania author and artist Lynda McKinney Lambert gives you insight into how to write up your information.
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3 August 2019


What I Want…

by Lynda McKinney Lambert


Photo: “Lynda – A Portrait in the Garden,” by Bob Lambert


How do you know what to send

to the editor who wants to SHOWCASE

your LATEST BOOK in his magazine?


This week an EDITOR gave me the information he wants so he can publish a SHOWCASE for my latest book.  He will focus on my new book

Star Signs: New and Selected Poems, KDP, 2019.

My book was just published on July 15, 2019.

Remember, this is your SHOWCASE, so have FUN putting it together.

You want readers to buy your book and become READERS of your books.


  1. Put together a SHORT INTRO to your book for your READERS.
  2. Why did you write this book?  Be clear in this response.
  3. Why should the READER buy your BOOK? You must learn to ROMANCE your MERCHANDISE – your book IS MERCHANDISE that was made  to be SOLD.
  4. Create a SHORT WRITE-UP about YOU, the Author. You are SELLING YOURSLELF, first of all.
  5. Give 3 SHORT REVIEWS your book has garnered – Give the LINKS to the reviews.
  6. Give 3 SHORT EXAMPLES from your TEXT. (3 Short poems or 3 short excerpts from an essay or text of the book.)
  7. Put your INFORMATION under each SAMPLE.
  8. Give the NUMBER of PAGES  (or POEMS) in your book.
  9. Where can READERS BUY THE BOOK?
  10. Can they get a SIGNED COPY, and how much will it cost?


This essay is brought to you by author, Lynda McKinney Lambert.

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This blog post is the property of Lynda McKinney Lambert.

Copyright August 3, 2018. Lynda McKinney Lambert. All rights reserved.

 Let me know how this WORKS for YOU.

Leave me a comment, please.

I love to hear from my FRIENDS and READERS.




By Lynda McKinney Lambert

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Lynda McKinney Lambert

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6 replies on “What I WANT…”

Yes, this is so important.
Typos are often hard for me to find, as a blind writer. But I go over my work a dozen times if I have to until it sounds right to me when I listen with the screen reader. In some instances, my spell check does not work, or my screen reader does not work. That is frustrating.
I use spell check – and we all know we cannot depend only on that for it does not catch a lot of problems and it can be so embarrassing.
Our writing is all the editor has to see to judge us on. That is so true. We cannot depend on an editor to do the hard work we need to do for ourselves. And, I think we will appear to be lazy and uncaring, if we send out material that is not right. That does not mean that we are perfectionists – which I consider a liability – but it means we will do our best – our very best to present ourselves with a professional mindset and work that reflects our care and pride in it. We have to develop a good work ethic – and keep on going.

You are welcome, Donna. I thought this would be a valuable bit of information for some writers who are preparing publicity for their books. I have to work on mine this week and get it sent to this particular editor who plans to Showcase my latest book.

So glad you reblogged this because I find it to be so clear.
This editor makes us really think about how we talk about what we do.
It is not vague or wordy – not flimsy or weak.
He wants us to pin point EXACTLY what we do and articulate it in concise words and make a strong statement. No fluffy language – no frills – solid and substantial statements is what he wants.

Hi, I very much enjoyed this post.
I know I commented before, but I want to come back and make another comment just in case there are people out there reading who are not commenting.
I want to say, that taken care to edit our work before sending it off to someone else to edit is extremely important. I need to go back and re-read this entire post because I can’t remember exactly what it says, but I have gotten several notes from people over the last year, when I have advise them to do more personal editing on their work which said that they, felt their editors made them look good. And I have a real issue with that. I think that we as writers must take extra care in our work and make our own selves look good. I think that we must be proud of our work and care enough about it from the onset to do the hard work.
Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say.

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