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This is an enjoyable interview with Carol.
I liked learning something new – never heard of the dogs of Thailand, but glad she has one and is giving the dog a family and lots of good care now. I also can relate to her pet peeves – we all have them, if we are honest about it – but who cares? lol Life goes on around us no matter if we are peeved at something or not. I hope Carol does get on the “best seller” list in the near future – best of everything to you, Carol. I’ll see you at the top.

Campbells World

Good morning again campbellsworld visitors.

We open this week’s Author’s Corner with a fabulous guest.

We have here with us, none other than the famous author blogger CarolCooks2. Yes, that’s right. It’s Carol Taylor, live and in person right here in our very own Author’s Corner.

Way back in June, she answered my call to action request for guest authors, and not only did she answer, but she, like Sally Cronin took my questionnaire and wrote an essay for me to share with you.

So, without further delay I give you, Carol.

*&$%^ Hold on! Wait! King Campbell here, please excuse the interruption. My human mother who is very smart, is also very forgetful. She has forgotten to introduce a most important guest who appears here with Human Carol.

So, before we read this awesome essay, please let me introduce Dog Saangchai who is here with his human mother.


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By Lynda McKinney Lambert

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5 replies on “AUTHOR’S CORNER: Guest Author Carol Taylor #Author#Blogger#Essay#Family#Food#Dogs”

To me except for writing it’s the best fun there is.

I’m glad people are enjoying this.

I’ve been busy all day. Just about to get some dinner.

I love to share the information on other artists or writers when I can. Carol has so much to share with her inner vision of life in Thailand. Our son was an orphan in Vietnam in the 70s and I love to read about life in those Asian countries. I hope he will have the opportunity to visit his birthplace in the near future. He has been talking about that and I’ve always wanted for him to see the land of his birth.

I continuously learn more and more about those around me by sharing their work.

I love doing it and if I could have one dream come true it would be that I would be so well financially set, as to not have to ever charge anyone for any work at all.

I would love to just share and share and promote and promote and never have to have anyone pay a thing.

Hi Lynda.
Thanks so much for the reblog. It’s so very much appreciated.
Glad you enjoyed it and hope your other readers wiill too, and that they’ll let us know.

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