Ask and Ye Shall Have, Believe and it Shall Be So, So a Man Think So Shall He Be:#Accessibility#Blessing#disAbility#Technology#Travel

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To learn more about and donate to the center written of here visit:

Spark | Knoxville, TN: Connecting people with disabilities


Good morning everyone.

I hope this message finds you doing super great.

First, let me tell you of the wonderful trip to Knoxville Tennessee I took yesterday. I went to Knoxville to a tech center there which caters to the needs of those who are disAbled in some way. Not to just blind persons mind you, but all persons who are disAbled.

I’d like to stop here, and have you note the way I write the word disAbled. See where the emphasis lies. Give that some thought. Screen reader users, arrow through the word.

Anyhow, getting back on track, I’ll start with the trip there. The driver was polite, and helpful. He was also conversational which was nice all by itself. After a while though we…

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3 replies on “Ask and Ye Shall Have, Believe and it Shall Be So, So a Man Think So Shall He Be:#Accessibility#Blessing#disAbility#Technology#Travel”

Thanks, Patty, for your kind note. I am always so happy to share good news and opportunities that others are enjoying on this blog. It makes me very happy to be able to share the lives of people like YOU, in this way. I am so grateful for all of my readers and want to provide positive and uplifting stories for them to enjoy, too. Oh, by the way, here in western Pennsylvania, we say “YINZ.” That means, “Y’all.” Pittsburghese is our dialect here in The Village of Wurtemburg.

You Rock!
Thanks for the share.
I’m honored to be here in such great company with you and all your readers.
“Hi yawl! :)”

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