Introducing My Friend,Lynda McKinney Lambert

Re-blogging a wonderful blog article that features my poetry from Star Signs: New and Selected Poems, DLD Books, 2019. Thank you Anne Copland. I am so glad you love my book.

All in a Day's Breath

Lynda from an upcoming poetry book, First Snow.

I have known Lynda for many years now. She suffered a sudden loss of sight in 2007 from something called Ischemic Optic Neuropathy. Despite this loss, she is a fantastic artist working with beads, and you can see some of her work on her site, She is also on Facebook. And as you can see, she is also an author – a prolific one, and her writing is full of inspiration and appreciation of nature, people, and weather. A former professor in Pennsylvania, she first turned to her hand work when she became blind, and soon after began to write based on her memory of everything she remembered from her senses.

I am honored to share a taste of her writing with you here.

Song of the Goldenrod from Star Signs by Lynda McKinney Lambert

In my dreams, some afternoons drift…

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By Lynda McKinney Lambert

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Lynda McKinney Lambert

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2 replies on “Introducing My Friend,Lynda McKinney Lambert”

Thank you, Alice. This was a nice surprise for me to learn that Anne posted 2 different articles – one is “Winter Rain (to Virginia Woolf)” and the other is “Song of the Goldenrod,” and both are in my book, _Star Signs: New and Selected Poems_

For “Winter Rain (to Virginia Woolf)” she posted a photo of her art quilt that was inspired by the life of Virginia Woolf. It is an amazing piece of art and my poem goes with it so well. What a blessing to have Anne publish the poems on her blog. I love meeting new people in this way –

What a very nice post!  I especially enjoyed this lovely nature poem with the gem accents.  I have not previously read this poem, so I will look forward to having a copy of it in your new book. Reading your poems more than once is habit-forming.

Enjoy being on “Creative Cloud #9!”

Alice and Willow

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