Your 2020 Business Plans

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January 30, 2020

Let’s Talk about

our Business Plans for 2020

This morning I checked updates for my website name. I’m always watchful when it comes to making sure that is protected and that no other person named Lynda Lambert can take it from me.

I saw that my 5-year subscription will run out in August.  Yes, I have almost 8 more months before that happens. But, what if I forget and let it lapse?  I decided I would just renew my website today while it was fresh on my mind.

I paid for the next 5 years for my namecheap dot com registration of my website name. My website is  lyndalambert. com


In the process of looking over the namecheap dot com site I found that they have a newsletter and I found the website for this business.  On the website, I found some great articles about how to use your website and how to plan your business approach.

I recommend you visit namechea blog to see what might help you in your own plans for 2020 for your blog and website.

I hope your 2020 website on Namecheap

is successful for you, and is a blessing to everyone ho visits you.

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Lynda’s Bio for 2020 _

Lynda McKinney Lambert is an author/artist who lives in the Village of Wurtemburg, in Western Pennsylvania.

She is a published author, visual artist, public speaker, educator, retired professor of fine arts and humanities (Geneva College, Beaver Falls PA) – wife, mother, and grandmother. Lynda loves fine art, museums & art galleries, modern poetry, nature, history, travel, dreams, animals, and English literature.

She writes spare poems and thoughtful personal essays that appear in her published books, anthologies, and literary magazines.

Listen to Melissa Cotter read, “Star Signs: A Libra Sort of Day,” (Wordgathering Literary Magazine, December Issue #40). This is the opening poem in Lynda’s  new book, Star Signs: New and Selected Poems, DLD Books, 2017. See poem text  – click here!



In Lynda’s art life, she creates intricate mixed-media fiber art for personal adornment (talismans) and wall works for exhibitions nationally.  She does encrusted bead working and bead embroidery with the aid of her Acrobat CCTV (Closed Circuit T V) and a DaVinci Pro Electronic Magnifier in her art and writing studios.  This technology enables her to see her work in progress.

Lynda has profound sight loss, since 2007. This opened the door for her to write and make art full time. She retired from teaching in the fall of 2008, but continues to show her art in juried exhibitions internationally. She has exhibited in over 400 gallery and museum shows and has won over a hundred awards for her art works.

Lynda’s  books, written following her sight loss,  are sold world-wide through Amazon and all retail book sellers. The books are published in paperback, hardback, Audible, BARD, e-book, and Kindle.


My Books

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Author ‘s Page

Copyright 2020. Lynda McKinney Lambert. All rights reserved.

I invite you to share my articles on Social Media, but please honor my copyright and include it with all shares.

Spread the Happiness!

Thanks for rejoicing with me today.  

Isn’t God so wonderful!

Romans 8:28


By Lynda McKinney Lambert

Official Author Page for
Lynda McKinney Lambert

See my 4 published books on Amazon.

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