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July 27, 2020

GIFTS of the SPIRIT Blog

Photo shows a Stack of 3 gift boxes.
Photo by Pixabay on

by Lynda McKinney Lambert

 GIFTS of the SPIRIT  – posts to encourage, educate and uplift.

A Quiet Place

Fine Art and Literature

I love to give GIFTS  and I love to receive gifts.

When we receive a gift it reveals an aspect of ourselves we never knew. The gift reveals what was hidden.

Lynda McKinney Lambert

  Today’s Gift:


Patty’s Podcasts

Announcing new interviews by Patty L. Fletcher, owner of Tell it to the World Marketing.

Patty is hosting remarkable and talented people on her new Podcast channel.


Click on the LINK BELOW and you will be at her Podcast Page.

Tell it to the World Listen Now

After you arrive on the page, you can select from the list of Podcasts.

By the way, you may also enjoy listening  Episode #7 – the podcast  I did with Patty recently. It was so much fun and we covered lots of topics during that hour.

In this featured interview, I discuss my own history in writing, and read several pieces for my 4 published books. You can sit back and have a presentation as you relax with a cup of something cool on this hot summer day.

Talk to Tell-It-To-The-World Chats with author and artist Lynda McKinney Lambert


NEW- first snow (chapbook)



In episode #7 author and artist Lynda McKinney Lambert takes us on a journey which includes painting, poetry and more.

Listen to Lynda and Patty



Share Happiness!

I love you for that!

Official Author Page

Listen to Lynda and Patty




By Lynda McKinney Lambert

Official Author Page for
Lynda McKinney Lambert

See my 4 published books on Amazon.

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