Kaleidoscope: Collecting Patterns of Light and Dreams

Patti and I walked down the old, narrow stone path on an April afternoon in the mid- 1950s. Our pastel plaid dresses fluttered slightly in the soft afternoon breeze. We removed our cotton sweaters, draped them carelessly over our arm for the journey back home. Like most days in April in western Pennsylvania it had been raining in the morning that day. Continue reading

Friday Favorites

 When you look back over this week, can you find some special people, events, travels or opportunities that just happened to pop up on your horizon? Friday is a great day to think about what you experienced this week. Continue reading

Are YOU at the Beginning of a New Vision for 2016?

A Kaleidoscope is symbolic of Constant CHANGE.

I’m making an INTENTION to VIEW life filled with BEAUTY, COLOR and extraordinary PATTERNS of light and dreams. Continue reading

Happy SCANdalous Birthday!

The soft, slow opening lines of the Largo – Allegro began. I listened. A piano and a violin began to gracefully move me to listen closely to this composition, written centuries ago. The lyrical melody begins and I close my eyes awhile before I continue writing my essay. There is something compelling about Mozart’s music; Continue reading

Little Steps #4_ Look for the EXIT SIGN

“Regardless of any situation or challenge you will face at any time, remember there is a way OUT. You may think you are locked in, secluded, alone, or trapped. Remember, YOU are NOT any of those conditions. You have CHOICES you can make and those choices will take you in a better direction. ”
Hear Lynda McKinney Lambert discuss the “Little Steps” that will lead YOU to change your life and move on with your purpose and calling. Continue reading