United by Stories – by Beckie Horter

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Introducing my GUEST BLOGGER for May – Beckie  Horter I am delighted to feature  a writer I met a number of years ago when she attended the college where I taught.  Beckie is a graduate of…

United by Stories – by Beckie Horter

Telling stories, either on the page or in a small group, brings joy and unity. It takes us on a journey even while we remain perfectly still. Our minds join together for a time, and we imagine scenes and sounds, and smells and tastes that go along with the narrative being told. Continue reading

Saturday is for Sharing – Amy Bovaird –

That summer, I wept for the missing rituals and mementoes that typically accompany motherhood. To fill that gap, God gave me a beautiful song about love being deeper than touch. The lyrics slowly filled the void, like rays of hope seeping through a heavy black cloud.~Amy Bovaird Continue reading

Saturday is for Sharing – Alice Jane-Marie Massa

Christmas in July – tis the season for thinking of    “Christmas in July.” 
Since I have always enjoyed the holiday season, my first book naturally spans from Thanksgiving through the New Year.
Author, Alice Jane-Marie Massa’s new book – read the stories behind her stories. Continue reading

A Kick in the Head

A Kick in the Head? Really? What is going on?    Why would anyone destroy a work of ART? A violent scene of the destruction of public statues is nothing new in the history of humanity. Recently, I considered the … Continue reading


My guide said, “I hope you like isolation.” My reply was, “Oh, yes! I love isolation.” The fact is, I did not have an inkling what isolation was but it sounded good to me.

Of course I had no idea what isolation truly was for I had just arrived at this isolated Continue reading

Are YOU at the Beginning of a New Vision for 2016?

A Kaleidoscope is symbolic of Constant CHANGE.

I’m making an INTENTION to VIEW life filled with BEAUTY, COLOR and extraordinary PATTERNS of light and dreams. Continue reading

Remembering Grandma Farm

Besides her ready laugh, she had a forceful voice and was not at all hesitant about giving advice. Although Grandma continued to speak Italian at times, she was perfectly adept at speaking English, with a little Italian accent. Not even once did I hear her talk about returning to the “Old Country” Continue reading