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January 4, 2019


THANK YOU for reading, sharing, re-blogging, and commenting on SCAN-a-Blog  in 2018.  Most of all, I THANK the 95 FOLLOWERS of SCAN. How much I appreciate your VISITS and how much I enjoy VISITING YOUR BLOGS, too.  You inspire me and teach me, and you widen my world.

Here are some stats from 2018.


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TOP STORY for 2018:  RIVER, a poem and reflection.  Read it here!

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Saturday is for Sharing is a  Special Feature I started in 2018. It had a lot of attention for my fellow authors. I can think of nothing I enjoy more than promoting your work and seeing you thrive and grow.  For this feature, I invite published authors to contact me. You can learn more about this interview by looking for “Saturday is for Sharing” on the top MENU BAR of the page. 

Contact me for more information and let’s set you up with an interview to promote you and your book.E-mail:

Congratulations to Amy Bovaird for garnering the TOP VIEWS for your interview with Lynda and Miss Opal on Saturday is for Sharing!

Read Amy’s interview here: Click Here!

You will LOVE READING the TOP POST in Saturday is for SHARING by Amy Bovaird.

CONGRATULATIONS TO 2  Saturday is for Sharing featured guests – Mike and Bruce  came in 2nd place – a tie!

Mike Bayles: Read it Here!

Bruce Atchison: Read it Here!

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God is about to WOW You!

The Godly Chic Diaries

God is about to WOW you. He’s going above and beyond what you asked. The Lord knows what you’ve prayed for. His answer is: I’m doing more than that!…

Here’s the thing. I largely navigated my life- my thoughts, my emotions my entire life. Growing up I ALWAYS had my head in the clouds, thinking of the life I want to create for myself. I used to be afraid of pushing through gifts and talents I knew I had because of the possible exposure it would cause, being a private (introverted) person that I am. What I didn’t understand is that God’s gifts and talents AREN’T FOR US TO KEEP! It is meant to help other souls who might need that special encouragement or that extra push to better themselves as well!

“So lets not get tired of doing what is good. At the right time you will reap a…

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I am an artist because…

Some thoughts about the nature of an artist – on New Years Day.
In this blog post, writer Christian Mihai, gives an inside view of the mindset of the artist. You may be surprised at his response to this question.
What is an artist?
How do you know what an artist is?

Cristian Mihai

There’s a part of me that believes art to be a primordial aspect of the human condition. Art inspires, art is a way of achieving greatness, of building a better world. Art turns strangers into friends. Without art, without artists, we wouldn’t be ourselves anymore.

Because I feel that within the confines of any artistic form of expression, we allow ourselves to wear a mask. The artist hides behind words or paints or brushes. And he feels safe. He can be anyone he wants to be. His freedom is limitless. And he plays this bizarre game of hide and seek with the rest of the world, constantly changing the rules, until he decides – maybe on a mere subconscious level – to  be himself, thinking that people will never find out.

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The Puppies of New Year’s Eve (fiction)

I am re-blogging this delightful and fun New Year’s story from Alice Jane-Marie Massa. This story is in her book, The Christmas Carriage and Other Writings of the Holiday Season, DLD Books. You can purchase her book from Amazon.


NOTE:  Since the beginning of this new year of 2019 will be busier than usual for me, I am sharing with you on this New Year’s Eve one of my favorite short stories, which I wrote in January of 2014, and which is one of the stories in my collection The Christmas Carriage and Other Writings of the Holiday Season, available from Amazon.  (The story is approximately 2220 words.)



The Puppies of New Year’s Eve

by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, Clare Ann had the heater of her red Ford Taurus turned to high as she was in the midst of her 70-mile journey to the farmhouse where she would pick up her new puppies.  Earlier in December, Clare Ann had decided that she did not want one puppy to be lonely, so she chose two puppies.  Fortunately, Glenn, the breeder of the…

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A Proverb for the End of the Year

Post #151

A Proverb for the End of the Year

By Lynda McKinney Lambert, Pennsylvania Author & Artist

With the old Almanack and the old Year,

Leave thy old Vices, tho’ ever so dear. –Proverb

According to todays issue of the Old Farmer’s Almanac – Companion Newsletter

Today’s poetry feature is a little SIXTEEN WORD PROVERB.

What is a Proverb?

“Proverbs. They’re old-fashioned, folksy, pithy — and everywhere. ~Mark Peters

I read an essay on the topic of proverbs by Mark Peters, posted on November 21, 2016. I think his advice and information is spot on for us to read on this final day of 2018. Mark’s essay gives a several views of what a Proverb is and some of them are not positive. He examines the entire spectrum of this topic, which I enjoyed reading today.  

You can find Marks article on Proverbs at

Personally, I like Mark’s comment,

“we need proverbs because they reflect who we are.”

I also believe a proverb can connect  us to who we are. A proverb can enlighten us and give us direction, as in the one quoted at the beginning of this article. This was the featured poetic quote in today’s issue of the Old Farmer’s Almanac – Companion Newsletter. Each day there is a new poetic quote with photograph. It’s a beautiful way to begin the day.

I’ve seen how a proverb helps us to define our world view. The Proverbs we choose to quote give a lot of insight into what we think. You will begin to think of the many proverbs you utter in your daily conversations once you become aware of them.

Without knowing what your world view is, and how you got it, you are adrift in the sea of human ideas. I’ve considered, for years, how our world view reflects our core beliefs. We seldom stop to think about the little things we say all the time.

It’s good for us to examine our thoughts and figure out where our own ideas and beliefs incubated. We can start by thinking about what we say unconsciously all the time.

What  Proverbs do  YOU quote often?


If so, this may be something that will help you to understand who you are. You can begin with a PROVERB that you like.

Keep that PROVERB in mind, and begin to reflect on the message.

The PROVERB quoted at the top of this article asks us to take stock of the past year and think about a “vice” we may have held onto. Since this is the 365th day of 2018, we’ve had an entire year to grasp something that is not beneficial to us. Is it time to let it go? Here, we have the wisdom of the ages in just SIXTEEN words. What vice will you give up for 2019.

This article was written and brought to you by Pennsylvania Author, Lynda McKinney Lambert. December 31, 2018.

Lynda owns SCAN-a-Blog, and holds all rights to the publication of each article.

Lynda McKinney Lambert is a Western Pennsylvania author and visual artist who  writes 2 blogs:

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End of the Year Promote Your Book -Party!

It’s a PARTY – You can ADD YOUR BOOK to Charles French’s BLOG and let the WORLD know what you have published.


End-of-the-Year Book Sharing Party!

charles french words reading and writing



Hello to everyone! At the end of the year, I thought it would be a good time to share what you have been writing and what you have written. I want once again to offer an opportunity for all writers who follow this blog to share information on their books. It can be very difficult to generate publicity for our writing, so I thought this little effort might help. All books may be mentioned, and there is no restriction on genre. This includes poetry and non-fiction.

To participate, simply give your name, your book, information about it, and where to purchase it in the comments section. Then please be willing to reblog and/or tweet this post. The more people that see it, the more publicity we can generate for everyone’s books.

Thank you for participating!

Keep on writing!



Celebrate and promote your writing! Shout…

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Letter From Catherine Of Aragon To King Ferdinand II About Prince Arthur (1502 CE)

This is so interesting. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I was glad to find this information. Your site is just fantastic.


When Catherine Of Aragon wrote a heartfelt plea to her father, she held the title of Princess of Wales through her marriage to Prince Arthur of England. The couple had not been married long before the prince’s untimely death in 1502 at Ludlow Castle.

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Life Without the Gaps

Post #148

December 29, 2018

SCAN –  Life Without the Gaps

I Discovered  a Philosophy Site – 

“History of Philosophy Without the Gaps.”

I like this way of presenting philosophy because that discipline is complex and difficult to understand.  In fact, I did not take a philosophy course during my entire higher education career.  I feared I did not have the “thinking” skills necessary for it.  I was afraid I’d make a bad impression.

Or, maybe  some other silly reason to never take philosophy while in the universities I attended.  I was mistaken, however.

Why do we sell ourselves short?

Why do we think we are far less than what we really are?

How do we forget who we are as a being created in the image of God?

Frankly, as a university student, the word


frightened me.

Eventually, I learned that we  always want to view everything as if it is linear – you know, a straight timeline that we can see from one end to the next. 

We think it should be all  neat and tidy –  and we think that all of history is arranged on a simply linear horizontal line. 

We begin to look at philosophy, though, and soon, we encounter gaps in our thoughts. It can be frustrating.  Philosophy makes us nervous.

One day in my undergraduate Art History class I saw this way of conceptualizing in a new way.  Things just are not so simple as we thought.

 History of Philosophy Without the Gaps

 makes sense!

I think this way of viewing philosophy makes sense.  It takes the reader from the beginning of recorded time and walks us through the various philosophical periods so that we can get a sense of the expanse of time and the changes  that occur in thought from one time period to another. . 

I am not a philosopher.  My degrees are in Fine Arts and English. I was a Professor of Fine Arts and Humanities until my retirement.  This is a cross-discipline approach in which the course covered aspects of Music, Literature, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Fine Art, and other disciplines,of a certain time period.  Each aspect  of studies influenced another – and to understand the zeitgeist of our own time and place, we need to understand this. 

Learning in such a holistic way fills in the gaps that we have in our education and our understanding.  


 I earned  how philosophy works together with all other disciplines into a cohesive whole. No discipline is complete as it stands alone. Each influences the others, and in this mingling, new information is discovered.

It is like putting together a puzzle. Each piece in necessary to have a completed picture of the world and of our humanity.

In 2019, I want to delve more deeply into philosophy – just for me.

I know it will enrich my life and my understanding of everything else I do.

If you want to learn more about our history, you may like to look at this sinte and begin your own self-studies. We are never too old or too smart to learn new things.

Would you like to get a better understanding of the world?

Meet me at the PRE-SOCRATIC  beginning of thought in 2019.

I’ll see you there as we travel together to learn more about what we think and how we got here.

Once we begin to study philosophy in the context of looking at history and other disciplines, we begin to see who we are, what we think, and how we got here. Best of all, we can discover the capactiy to change and better understand our worldview.  It’s not written in stone. 

Click here to begin!

This article was written and brought to you by Pennsylvania Author, Lynda McKinney Lambert. December 29, 2018. Lynda owns SCAN, a blog and holds all rights to the publication of each article.

Lynda McKinney Lambert is a Western Pennsylvania author and visual artist writes 2 blogs:

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Front Cover of the book, Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems by
Lynda McKinney Lambert

I Am the Editor

I think that you would like to meet, Miss Opal, my feline writing assistant at SCAN. PURRRRfectly Polite and always right.


I am the editor of my own life
To comma and splice wherever I please,
I can edit or proof my history,
Blotting out or stressing lines that displease.

My qualifications, I have but one,
A pretty poor résumé, you may think,
But there’s nobody else who’s qualified;
These edits, they need my feelings for ink.

2018 © Sonya Annita Song

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