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#1_ CHOOSE  about 5 or 7   questions from the list of “Lynda’s 40 Questions. ” Here is the LINK for those questions: Read it here!

The questions are posted below. Lynda’s 40 Questions is the copyright property of Lynda McKinney Lambert, 

#2_ Write  no less than 500   words  in response to your  5 -7 questions. 

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PHOTOS are NOT REQUIRED but they HELP you get more ATTENTION. Pictures add color and persoanl interest to your story

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And, NOW,

for the 40 QUESTIONS..

Here we go!

  1. What do you think about your name? Do you use your own name for your professional work?  

  2. Describe a phone call that surprised you recently. Who called?  

  3. If you wanted to leave a message for someone you have not seen in a long time, who would get your message and what would it say?  

  4. Who is your closest friend and how did you meet this person?  Are you soul mates or polar opposites?  

  5. When it is “5 O’clock Somewhere,” where will you be and what are you doing?  

  6. What is your favorite radio station, and how do you listen to it?  

  7. What do you look for in a personal relationship?  

  8. What is the one thing you’ve been meaning to say? To whom? Will it make a difference?

  9. What could you never live without? And why?  What would happen if this would go away?

  10. When did you decide to “grow up” or “Never grow up?” What does “growing up” mean to you?

  1. What would you like to know more about?  

  2. Who would you like to see walk in the door right now? Where would that door be?  

  3. Do you have a favorite bird or animal?  Is it  a totem to you?  When did you become aware of that special creature in your life? 

  4. When is the last time you had “fire in your eyes,” and what happened to light your fire?  

  5. Have you authored a book? Or more? Can you tell us about how you began to write that book? You can elect one page you have written that sums it all up.  Copy and paste that page as part of your answer.   

  6. Do you have a favorite dance partner? What kind of dancing do you enjoy doing with that person?  

  7. What discourages you most in your writing or art endeavors? What do you find inspiring about your creative life?  

  8. What have you done recently that really made you feel good about yourself?  

  9. Have you had a discouraging situation that you would like to forget if you could?  

  10. Can you describe your creative work space and how you created it?  What does it look like? Colors? Where is it located? How does it feel when you are working in it?

  1. Do you prefer writing in a solitary place with no interruptions, or do you enjoy writing in a public place and engaging with strangers as you write?

  2. When the sun goes down tonight, what will be on the front burner of your mind about today? What will you be hoping for in the days ahead?

  3. If I gave you a ticket to anywhere you’d like to go, where would it be?  

  4. Do you have a favorite song that brings back good memories? What would the song be?  

  5. Do you have a favorite art museum or gallery that you enjoy visiting?  

  6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? What makes you think you belong to this group of people?  

  7. If someone looked into your secret files, what would they find there? What would they ask you? What would you reveal to them?

  8. What is the most beautiful experience you have ever had in your life? Where did it take place and what was it like?

  9. What is your earliest memory? How old were you when this memory was saved in your mind? When did you remember this?

  10. What is one topic that you won’t ever choose to write about in the future? Is there something that is “off limits” to you as a writer?

  1. When are you most comfortable in your own skin?  

  2. What is on your “back burner” waiting for some attention?  

  3. Are you a “Mountain,” “Valley,” or “Beach” person?  

  4. What is your most notable achievement or accomplishment to date?

  5. When you say, “All’s well,” what do you really mean? I

  6. What do you have an eye on right now for your future?  

  7. If you had to leave your home for a weekend retreat, what 3 items would you put in your suitcase or briefcase first?  

  8. Do you have a handicap of some sort? How does that handicap affect your life and what you do?  

  9. When you look into the midnight sky, what is it that you are thinking about?  

  10. This is an open question. What question do you want to answer that is not on my list?  



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  • Check your spelling and formatting to be certain it looks and reads the way you would like to have it. I will post your story without additional editing. Remember, we want this in a WORD Document and please use Times New Roman, with font size 12.


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