first snow – a chapbook

first snow – a Chapbook

Finishing Line Press, January 3, 2020


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first snow

by Lynda McKinney Lambert

available as paper or hardback

Lynda McKinney Lambert, is a retired college professor of fine arts and humanities. Retirement from teaching opened the door for her to write full-time. She explores the themes of landscape, mythology, pilgrimage, fine arts and literature in her writing.

She loves walking through a meadow of wild flowers; gazing at a star-strewn sky; spending solitary winter days with her husband, Bob, their 4 rescued cats and 2 rescued dogs.

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first snow by Lynda McKinney Lambert


My grandmother knew the name of every bird by note and call who ever sang to the sun in the fields by her Wisconsin country home, and she knew the names of the trees by bark and needle and leaf in the woods.  In these days of urban desolation and digital isolation, it is harder and harder to keep hold of the once-common natural knowledge.  Here in Lynda Lambert’s poetry the vitality of the seasons are still felt, seen and heard.   Lambert notices the colors and sounds that surround us, those sights and odes that barely register through our buds and pads and windshields, and she names them for us and she remembers them for us.  In these poems, Lambert calls her readers to celebrate the blue spruce in the morning fog, to “stand in darkness / urging Blood Moon-arise and to be alive in the old ways.  “It feels like we have been here,” she says of one icy morning, “for a thousand years.”  In these pages, we have.

– Russell Streur – Editor of Plum Tree Tavern,  Author of Fault Zones.

first snow

a chapbook

Finishing Line Press, January 3, 2020.