Join in the fun – a great get-together with authors and readers.
I’ll be there and I hope all of OUR FRIENDS will too. I re-blogged this on SCAN-A-BLOG TODAY! Spread the word: Tell-it-to-the-World.

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Happy Mother’s Day, 2019!

I am sharing this post by a wonderful writer who lives in Milwaukee, WI. She writes about her life as a young girl growing up in Indiana, and her family who settled in the US, from Italy. I think you will really enjoy her posts. Please let her know, if you do.


An Abecedarian of Thanks for Mothers

by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

Adopted children give generous thanks to Mother.

Baby at Mother’s breast coos tender, loving thanks to Mama.

Children with special needs harmonize with special gratitude to special Mothers.

Daughters and sons of all ages and stages of life lavish thankful praise on Mothers.

Elderly children still remember the enduring , loving appreciation of Mothers.

From Florida to Alaska, so many fondly give floral thanks to Mothers.

Godchildren, from near and far, are grateful for Godmothers, too.

Homes are where we find the heart of motherhood.

Indiana to Italy are where we find the family tree of our ancestral mothers.

Join hand in hand to circle mothers with thanks and love on this holiday.

Kisses for the mother who taught us to be grateful, kind and caring.

Loving appreciation…

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Thursday Book Feature: Mourning Has Broken

I am re-blogging this inspiring book review by by friend, Abbie Johnson Taylor. I think you will find it uplifting and hope-filled –

My Corner

Image contains: Abbie, smiling.

Mourning Has Broken

By C. A. Balawyder

Copyright 2013.

The loss of her parents and sister inspired author and blogger Carol Balawyder to write the essays in this collection. She writes about her relationship with the loved ones she lost. Other pieces focus on such topics as travel, online dating, religion, and, of course, mourning.

Having lost my parents, grandparents, and husband, I can identify with the feelings the author expresses, especially the guilt at not having done more for her loved ones before they passed. If you are grieving and have similar feelings, this book should help you understand you’re not alone. If you’re suffering from a recent loss, be sure you have plenty of Kleenex handy when you read it.

My Books

My Ideal Partner: How I Met, Married, and Cared for the Man I Loved Despite Debilitating Odds

That’s Life: New and Selected Poems

How to Build…

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Exam Period: The Way I Study

I am re-blogging this excellent article on how to STUDY for exams in your ACADEMIC LIFE.
I graduated as Summa Cum Laude with my BFA Degree.
I went on to earn 2 to graduate degrees in Fine Arts and English following that. Following my academic education, I was a college professor. This article is spot on, in my experience as a highly successful student and later as a professor. How I wish that others could find this article and take it to heart – it takes a lot of planning and hard work to success in your studies, but I agree it is life-changing and worth it all. This is a great plan for success!

a w a r e a r t h

I disappeared from the virtual platforms in the past months, but probably you know the reason why: the exam period is here!
What’s more, I have other challenges as well this time of the year, for instance an Italian business language exam, Master Programme exams and a final exam at my current university.
If I think it over, studying efficiently is so important for me right now, because my results will define my future life.
The aim of my post is
toshare my studying tips and to motivate anyone,
who needs some inspiration

during the exam period.
I hope, I can empower you!

First of all, I need to mention that each of us studies in a different way, which means we have different kind of study methods. It might happen that my tips won’t work for you, but it is okay.
Hopefully, my ideas will help you to…

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WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY: An Exciting Announcement from Author Blogger Lynda McKinney Lambert and Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing

You can LISTEN to my latest book for FREE on AUDIBLE. Just released. I am getting wonderful feedback from folks who are listening to my book on Audible. You will love it too! One person says that the narrator reads it so well she thought it was me telling my own stories.

Campbells World

We continue WordPress Wednesday with an exciting announcement from author blogger Lynda McKinney Lambert.

Dear Friends,

I have exciting news to share with you today.

My book, Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems, has been made into an AUDIBLE recording.

It is now available on Amazon.

You can listen to a FREE SAMPLE.

In this free sample, a professional actor from California reads  a section from the book’s PROLOGUE.

In addition you can listen to  the entire book on AUDIBLE recording for FREE if you already use AUDIBLE.

Walking by Inner Vision

features  twenty-seven non-fiction stories that I wrote after my sudden sight loss in 2007.

I designed the book to read like a  journal:  Divided into 12 Sections – one for each month from January through December.

Each section is introduced by a poem written for that month of essays an stories.

Please read more about my book…

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WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY: Saturday Morning Trawling by author Lynda McKinney Lambert

The most amazing lady Patty Fletcher, has posted my Word Press Blog Article on her new venue – Word Press Wednesday. I am delighted to have one of my favorite little articles featured here on Campbell’s World. Thank you! This is a little gem in my treasure chest. Enjoy!

Campbells World

Hello there again campbellsworld visitors.

I’m so very glad you could drop back into campbellsworld this morning.

We’re back with more great posts on this WordPress Wednesday, and now, for your reading pleasure author Lynda McKinney Lambert has just sent me a wonderful link for me to share with all of you.

If you visit this link, you’re sure to enjoy all you find there, and I hope if you do, you’ll be sure and let Lynda know from where you heard of her and her wonderful works.

Speaking of her work, don’t you dare forget to check out her books and art while you’re trawling round on her blog. You’re sure to catch many treasures if you do.

To see what I’m talking about please visit:  http://www.lyndalambert.com/saturday-morning-trawling/

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I am re-blogging this message to SCAN-A-BLOG this morning. I like to SHARE the HAPPINESS of LIFE.
Thank you for this beautiful message.
Let’s all pay attention to the little glimpses and sounds of life all around us today.
Sight – Sound- Taste – Touch – BREATH –
Life is to live in awareness of the NUANCES.


Oftentimes, we fail to remember the things we should be grateful for in our lives. It’s human nature and we’re all guilty of it at some point. Typically, we tend to focus on our misfortunes, rather than counting our blessings. We take life for granted, forget how to live our lives to the fullest, as we should – with peace, love and contentment. We shouldn’t have to face a critical, life-threatening dilemma to realize and appreciate what we have. Unfortunately, it happens quite frequently, and when it does, that’s when regrets become present. They say the past is full of tears and the future is full of fears. I can surely relate as I have for many years however, I’ve learned to live in the present and make the best out of each day with the things in life that matter the most to me. It’s done me a world…

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#ShareYourRejection: I Received 330 Writing Rejections in One Year, and I’m So Happy About It

Rejections. We need them.

This article is a good perspective on the value of rejections for our writing submissions.

I view each rejection as a “NO” and I understand that each “NO” brings me one step closer to the “YES” I am aiming for.

Step out there and send your work out to the appropriate publications and see where you are after an entire year of sending work out.

Rejections are valuable to us – they bring us the publications we want if we keep on putting out our work.

For my first chapbook,

I sent out the manuscript to 13 publishers. 

During the year, it was rejected 12 times.  Finally, after exactly one year, the chapbook was accepted by a well-respected publisher and will be published later this year. I think of this as a “baker’s dozen.”  A dozen rejections plus one acceptance letter.  I am happy that the rejection was the final response to my 13 submissions.  I know the value of rejections. We need them.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

jay vera summerBy Jay Vera Summer

When I first began submitting to online literary magazines seven years ago, I had no idea how the process worked. I felt nervous and intimidated, and it took all of my courage to send something out. I’d submit to one publication, wait, think about the submission literally every day, and then feel dejected and possibly cry when I received a rejection weeks or months later.

Each time I saw a rejection in my inbox, I took it personally. I’d wonder if my writing was trash, if I should give up writing completely. It’d take me a few weeks to rebuild my confidence, then start the process all over, submitting my story or essay to another lit mag, then waiting. If three lit mags rejected something, I abandoned it, figuring the editors knew better than I did.

As some of you have probably guessed, I didn’t get…

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A Small Press, Don’t Stress: Why Size Doesn’t Matter

As I begin work with a small press that will publish my chapbook, _first snow_ I am ever so grateful for small presses and the joy of hearing that they want to publish my little book. I say, “YES.”

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

SwetaSVikram_Author Headshot_BrevityMagBy Sweta Srivastava Vikram

A rhyming title for an essay, you must wonder. Full disclaimer: I am a poet at heart; the crossover to writing and publishing a novel has been transformative, and I wanted to share some things I learned.

I won’t lie; it’s been exciting, humbling and exhausting. The release of my 12th book (but debut U.S. novel) Louisiana Catch, a story that centers around a sexual abuse survivor from New Delhi, coincides with the #MeToo movement. It’s on U.K.’s The Asian Writer’s “Books to Read in 2018” list. Frankly, I don’t know what’s in store for the book, but I do know that I have enjoyed the whole process and realized a few things along the way, specifically as it relates to publishing via a small press.

The problem is you: The lack of gratitude. I have seen writers apologize for their small press partnerships…

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