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  An Interview with Lynda Lambert


Updated July 9, 2018

Walking by Inner vision: Stories & Poems

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**** Publications – 2018****

Star Signs: New and Selected Poems, Ready for publication.

Chapbook: “first snow,” Completed –  March 22, 2018 – Ready for publication.

 Chapbook: “Dreamscapes,” Written March 2018 – Ready for publication.

Favorite Things,” (tanka) The Weekly Avocet, Issue #170.”  Feb. 4, 2018

3 Steps to Regain Your Creative Life,” 3 Essays; Vision Aware Blog, AFB Website,                          Feb. 6,8,15, 2018

Partridge Breasted Aloe,” poem, NatureWriting – Feb. 14, 2018

“aubergine morning,” tanka, with commentary, The Weekly Avocet, #272, Feb. 18, 2018

“Flamboyant: Noisy Red-Winged Blackbird, 2018, Nature Writing – Feb. 21

“true green comes with age,” (tanka)   Nature Writing, February – Feb 28

“nature writes post cards,” (tanka),  Nature Writing, February – Feb. 28

we stood in darkness,” (tanka)  Nature Writing, February – Feb. 28

“crisp light at high noon,” Haiku, Plum Tree Tavern, March, 2018

“Timeless Boundaries: An Introduction to the Biography Poem (Essay & 2 Poems) – Slate & Style, NFB Literary Magazine, Spring, 2018

“bittersweet berries” (tanka) The Pangolin Review, Issue #2 – March 8, 2018

decades of bitter winds,” poem, Plum Tree Tavern – March 11,  2018

“Beethoven’s Fifth” Poetry Quarterly, Spring Edition 2018.

“The Connie,” Magnets & Ladders, Spring/Summer 2018 – 2nd Place in Non-fiction

“How to Write a 12th Century Sestina in the 21st Century.” -First Place Winner in Poetry – Magnets & Ladders, Spring/Summer 2018

“In My Dream,” (poem)  –  Magnets & Ladders, Spring/Summer edition, 2018

“Fanfare and Ballyhoo,” (poem) 2018 –  Plum Tree Tavern, April 1, 2018.

3 Essays on Low Vision & Equipment, Vision Aware.  March, 2018

“Prologue: When I Knit a Life Back Together,” – Vision Aware Blog, April 2018.

“Prologue: In Which I Knit a Life Back Together,” Essay – Guest Blog on Campbell’s Corner Blog, March 13, 2018. Read it Here!

“When I Begin my Day with Mozart,” essay – guest blog –  11 April 2018_ Campbell’s World Blog – Campbell’s World Blog – Read it Here!

Book Review for When Night Comes by Wes Sims. Frontline Press.Published on                      Campbells World Blog,  April 12, 2018  Read it on “Authors: they are Only Human”

Published on SCAN, April  15,  2018 Read it here!

“Indian summer sky,” (tanka) Tanka Journal, April 18, 2018.

“When I Begin my Day with Mozart,” on Rainne’s Ramblings – Bog – “Patty’s Pick”

May 1, 2018.  Read it and Listen to Mozart’s Music – HERE!

“Primavera,” poem, Nature Writing, May 8, 2018.

“Dreams. Who Needs Them!” Campbells World Blog, “Authors Corner” by Patty           Fletcher.   May 6, 2018.  Read “In My Dream,” Click here!

3 Haiku Poems, The Weekly Avocet, #283, May 6,  2018

“our garden is lush”

” bright saffron flowers”

“if we could have measured”

“we pause in meadow,”(Haiku poem), The Weekly Avocet,  #284, May 13, 2018.

“After an All-night Rain,” poem – NatureWriting, June 6, 2018.

“The Berchtesgadener Street Stone,” poem – Nature-Writing, June 12, 2018.

“Primavara,” The Avocet, print magazine, Summer Issue, 2018

Scheduled for publication:

****”When I Knit a Life Back together,” Behind Our Eyes, Anthology #3, 2018-19

****”Partridge Breasted Aloe,” Behind Our Eyes, Anthology #3, 2018-19

****”Notes from the Baroque Museum” Behind Our  Eyes, Anthology #3, 2018-19


**** Publications – 2017 **

“Wnter Scene #1 (AKA wintry nights),” poem, Plum Tree Tavern, December 27, 2017.

“stony paths disappear beneath my feet,” The Weekly Avocet, #263, December 17, 2017

“stony gravel paths,” (poem) Naturewriting, 2017

“falling temperatures,” The Weekly Avocet, #263, 17 December 2017

“Red December,” Proverse Poetry Prize, Hong Kong, Mingled Voices 2 Anthology 2017

“Les Fauves,” Book Review of Barbara Crooker’s poetry book. Wordgathering, December 2017. Issue 4, Volume 11

“first snow,” 2-part poem, Naturewriting, Nov. 26, 2017

“silver glazed meadow,” (poem) Naturewriting, November 5,2017.

“lyrical songs,” (poem) Naturewriting, October 29, 2017

“The Christmas Carriage and Other Writings of the Holiday Season,” a book review by                Lynda Lambert. Published on Vision Aware Book Shelf.  To read:  Click here!

“Driving to Monterrey Bay,” poem Magnets & Ladders, Fall/Winter 2017-8

“A January State of Mind,” essay, Magnets & Ladders, Fall/Winter 2017-8

“Lyric in F,” poem, The Avocet Magazine, Fall Issue, 2017

“Painting in Mid-October,” poem, The Avocet Magazine, Fall Issue 2017

“Parachutes & Pilots,” (poem), Breath & Shadow, Fall Edition, 2017.

“Song of the Goldenrod,” (poem) Nature Writing Magazine, Sept. 26, 2017

“Der Hirsch,” (poem), The Weekly Avocet, Issue #250, Sept. 24, 2017

“Lyric in F,” and “Along the Road,” (poems) The Avocet, Fall edition, 2017

“The Grödig Stone,” (poem) Naturewriting, Sept. 1, 2017.

“Try to Capture September,” (essay) Naturewriting, Sept. 1, 2017, LambertRead it here!

“To the Curator of Small Things,” (poem) Wordgathering Literary Magazine, Volume 11,  Issue #3, September 2017 Click HERE to Listen

“Silver Cloud Dancer,” (poem), Won 2nd Place in Poetry, NFB  Writer’s Division, Annual Writing Contest.

“August Afternoons,” (Poem & Journal Entry from August 1, 2017.) The Weekly Avocet,  Issue #246

“Muddy Hands,” (poem), Kaleidoscope Magazine,  UDS, Akron, OH, Summer 2017, Issue #75

Lambert, Lynda. “A Breath, an Intonation Expresses a Desire to Act,” Book Review of “UPWELLING,” by Anne Chiappetta. Read this Book Review Here!

“Knit Your Life Back together,” Vision Aware Blog, AFB, June 2017. Read Article here!

“Along the Road,” (poem) Indiana Voice Journal, Sept-Oct Issue, #36.

“White Snakeroot, (poem) Indiana Voice Journal, Sept-Oct Issue, #36.

“Autumnal Afternoons,” (poem) Indiana Voice Journal, Sept-Oct Issue, #36.

After an All-Night Rain,” (Poem) Indiana Voice Journal, Summer 2017, Issue #35  Read 3 Poems Here!

Slowly, Suddenly, Remembering Persephone,” (Poem) Indiana Voice Journal, Summer  2017, Issue #35

“Parachutes and Pilots,” Indiana Voice Journal, Summer 2017, Issue #35

“In the Storms of April – Plunge,” (poem) Indiana Voice Journal, June 2017, Issue #35

“Wet and Black,”  (poem), Magnets & Ladders, Spring/Summer 2017.

“Silver Cloud Dancers,” (poem), Magnets & Ladders, Spring/Summer  2017.

“Head of a Catalan Woman,” (poem), Magnets & Ladders, Spring/Summer 2017.

“Taking Hold of Happiness,” by Maribel Steel & Lynda Lambert. Read “Taking Hold of Happiness”

“The Great Grandmother Speaks,” (Essay)  Indiana Voice Journal, March 2017 , Issue 32 – Read this story NOW!

Lambert, Lynda. Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems, (16 poems and 27 stories)  dldbooks,  Released Feb. 24, 2017.

To ORDER visit   Lynda Lambert, Author’s Page

“9 Post Cards from Prague” and  “der Hirsch” (2 poems) . Indiana Voice Journal, February 2017, Issue #31.  Read these 2 poems in Indiana Voice Journal

“I’m  Thinkin’ ‘Bout  Good Intentions, ”  (Essay & Photos)  Vision Aware Magazine Blog, American Foundation for the Blind, January 3, 2017. Red it NOW!

“6 Tips for Your Out-of-the-Box Museum Visit,” (Essay & Photos)  Vision Aware Magazine Blog, American Foundation for the Blind, February 7,  2017. Read it HERE!



Lynda in her  Meditation Garden, November 2017


“Just one word, please!” (Essay & Photos) Vision Aware  Magazine Blog (American Foundation for the Blind), December 29, 2016.   Read it HERE!

“Star Signs,” (poem), Wordgathering, December issue, 2016.

***  Listen to Star Signs: LISTEN to “Star Signs” HERE! ***

“Christmas Scentiments,” (poem), Indiana Voice Journal, December 2016-January 2017 Issues #29 & 30

“Pantoum to Winter,” (poem), Indiana Voice Journal, December 2016 – January 2017, Issues #29 & 30

“Christmas Scentiments,”  (poem), Magnets & Ladders Literary Magazine, Fall/Winter 2016-17

In Which I Find Color in Late Winter,” (essay), Magnets & Ladders, Fall/Winter 2016-17

“23rd Psalm for the Artist,” (poem) Spirit Fire Review, Sept. 17,  2016

“Prologue: In Which I Knit a Life Back Together,” (essay) Spirit Fire Review, Sept. 7, 2016.

“Insight,” (poem), Indiana Voice Journal, October 2016. Issue #27

“Zen Enlightenment,” (poem), Indiana Voice Journal, October 2016. Issue #27

“An Afternoon Embroidery Lesson,” (poem), Indiana Voice Journal, October 2016. Issue #27

“Appalachian Alchemy,” (poem), Indiana Voice Journal, October 2016. Issue #27

“The Connie,” CNF essay, Indiana Voice Journal, September  2016. Issue #26

“Book of Remembrance in Lidice,” (Poem), Indiana voice Journal, July 2016. Freedom Theme, Issue #24

“The Moldau,”  (Poem), Indiana Voice Journal, June 2016, Issue #23

“How Vivaldi Learned to Dance,”  (Poem) Indiana Voice Journal, June 2016,  Issue #23

“Girl on a Bench Sees Visions of Butterflies,”  (Essay) Indiana Voice Journal, June 2016, Issue #23

“Musings on “E””(Poem)  – Indiana Voice Journal,  May 2016, Issue #22

“Crystal Healer” (Poem) – Indiana Voice Journal, May  2016,  Issue #22

“Muddy Hands,” (Poem),  Exceptions Journal , Spring 2016 Issue

“Girl on a Bench Sees Visions of Butterflies,” (Essay), Exceptions Journal, Spring 2016

“Muddy Hands,” (Poem) – Magnets & Ladders Literary Magazine, Spring/Summer 2016

“Musings on “E” (Poem) – Magnets & Ladders Literary Magazine, Spring/Summer 2016

“Notes on an Exhibition at the Baroque Museum” (Essay) –  Magnets & Ladders Literary Magazine, Spring/Summer 2016

“A Visitation from Butterflies” (essay) – Indiana Voice Journal, April 2016, Issue #21

“When I Begin my Day with Mozart” (essay) – Indiana Voice Journal, March 2016,  Issue #20

I’m in a January State of Mind”  (essay) –  Indiana Voice Journal, January 2016, Issue #18

I’m in a January State of Mind”  (essay) – Consumer Vision Report, January issue

Romans Angry About the Inner World, and I Feel t”  (essay) – Breath & Shadow Literary Magazine, Vol. 13 Num 1, Winter Issue, 2016


“When the Bear Goes Over the Mountain” (essay) Consumer Vision Report, December  Issue, 2015

“stony paths disappear beneath my feet,” tanka poem,  Spent Blossoms – 2015 Tanka Anthology, Publisher Tanka Society of America

“Kaleidoscope: Collecting Patterns of Light and Dreams,” (memoir) published on the website of Amy Bovaird.  Link to this story: Kaleidoscope: Collecting Patterns of Light and Dreams

“When I Begin My Day with Mozart,” (essay)  LIGHT, Christian Record  Literary Magazine (p 35-41), Sept/Oct  issue 2015

“Knitting a Life Back Together, ” (essay),  Dialogue Literary Magazine (p    ),  Fall/Winter  Issue 2015

“Two Friends on a Bench” (poem), Magnets and Ladders Literary Magazine, Spring/Summer  edition,2015 

“My Daughter Cut the Roses” (poems), Magnets and Ladders Literary Magazine,” Spring/Summer edition, 2015 

“Try to Capture September,” (essay), Magnets and Ladders Literary Magazine, Fall/Winter, 2015

“The Acrostic Poem, and More!,” (essay)  Magnets and Ladders Literary Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015       


“Tammy Ruggles: Painter of Insight and Possibilities,” by Lynda McKinney Lambert. Arts Across Kentucky Magazine”  (p 38 – 39),  Spring, 2014

“Adornment: September day Dreams,” (poem), Magnets and Ladders Literary Magazine”Spring/Summer, 2014

“Shelter from the Wind” (poem),  Magnets and Ladders Literary Magazine” Fall/Winter, 2014.

Link to Magazine:

“Haiku to a California Mountain,” (poem), Best Poets of 2014, Eber & Wein Publishing,


NFB Annual Contest – 2014

“Knitting Healing Thoughts” (essay) 2nd place in Memoir/Non-fiction

“The Bouquet,”  (poem) 3rd place in Poetry


“Equinox: Hands Folded in Prayer,” (poem) Behind Our Eyes: A Second Look, Anthology.  Kate Chamberlain, Editor. PRGott Books Publishing, 2013.

NFB Writing Contest, 2013 – won 2 awards for 2 essays

“William’s Red Roses,” (essay) 1st Place Memoir

“The Artist Speaks of Uncharted Chaos.” (essay), Honorable mention.

NFB Writing Contest, 2012:

“Flotsom, Jetsom, and the River,” (poem) won 2nd Place for Poetry

“The Living Room,” (essay) won 2nd place in Non-fiction

“Villanelle for my Mother at Eighty,” (poem), Magnets and Ladders Literary Magazine, Spring/Summer, 2012

“Inspiration Arrived Early This Morning,” (poem), Stars in Our Hearts Anthology, April, 2012


Lambert, LyndaConcerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage. WA:  Kota Press, 2002  Order from Amazon, HERE!

ORDER this book directly from ME and I’ll sign it for you.  $15. plus 3.50 shipping. ($18.50)  Contact me:




Soul of the African-American Daughter in a Sibling Society,” The Sibling Society:  Papers Presented at the Robert Bly Colloquium, University Press of America, 2001. (This essay was presented at the Robert  Bly Colloquium at Kent State University, Ashtabula Campus;  and at the National Women Writers of Color Conference, Fall 2000.)


Publications added  monthly to this list.

Page Updated: May 20,  2018.



Lynda’s 2 blogs:

“Walking by Inner Vision” Link:  Walking by Inner Vision Blog
“SCANdalous – Recollections” Link:  SCANdalous – Recollections Blog
Contact:  E-mail Lynda

Lynda’s Bio

Lynda McKinney Lambert is the author of “Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage” published by  Kota Press. To order this book, click here:  Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage
She is the author of Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems, dldbooks. 2017. Buy my new book here!
Lynda  authors two blogs on writing, the humanities, arts, and faith.
She is a freelance writer and her poetry and essays appear in numerous books and literary journals.  She is a retired professor of fine arts and humanities; she exhibits her fiber arts in exhibitions worldwide.
Currently, Lynda  has 2 books of poetry in development for publication in 2018-19.
Lynda can be a guest speaker at your church or organization – or – you can schedule a book signing event.

If you would like a signed copy of my book, contact me.

Lynda McKinney Lambert. Copyright 2018  All rights reserved.
Lynda is the sole owner of material published under her name on this blog.

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