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Author and Visual Artist – Lynda McKinney Lambert



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A review  of Lynda McKinney’s new book, Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems

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Book Review by Ann Chiappetta, Author of “Upwelling” and “Follow Your Dog”

Walking by Inner Vision: Stories and Poems

© 2017 By Lynda McKinney Lambert

For this review, I accessed this creative writing collection via the Kindle eBook reader app after purchasing the book on  Amazon

The depth of the author’s creativity brings together artistic mediums and presents them in a format inspired by the 12-month calendar and seasonal influences. She writes of the craft of writing and other visual arts with an understated ease. She foregoes pretentions and her voice is clear and concise from the first line to the last.

Lambert begins with winter, which she presents  as a rebirth, of nature’s awakening.  She recalls how  the crispness of fresh snow reminds her of other  childhood sensations.

From the winter, the musings and prose continue onto the spring, then summer, highlighting the personal and spiritual accents of which she finds inspiring.

In one poignant story, she describes a spiritual  comforting  as her daughter lies in the hospital fighting for her life. In this essay, Lambert expresses feeling helpless but also hopeful.

In another section, she shares her creative process, which, as a writer, I found fascinating.  

This unique and varied collection can be read a one’s leisure, something to keep on the coffee table or by the bedside for those times when a little inspiration and comfort is sought.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it  for gift giving season for any creative individual.