Saturday is for Sharing

Saturday is for Sharing

-a Special  Feature for Authors.

Lynda McKinney Lambert an her literary feline assistant, Miss Opal, like to interview authors and bring you stories and informaticropped-blog_newyear__opalinbooks.jpgon about them.

If YOU want to be our GUEST,

we have some questions for you to look over.

You will find instructions on how to contact us and you can select 4 or 5 questions from our “Lynda’s 40 Questions,” list. Our  list is under the heading of “Saturday is for Sharing” on our Menu at the top of this post.

Write at least 100 words for each of the questions you have selected and send them to us. Miss Opal and Lynda are interested in many CAT-a- Gories, so let us know what you have written and published. We love BOOKS.

Visit OUR  page to see the 40 questions you can choose from:

Send completed questions and answers in a WORD DOCUMENT.

We also need no more than 3 photos for your feature article. Photos must be in .jpg format only.

Send text and photos in an ATTACHEMENT to your Email inquiry.

Send to:

Send .jpg Photos:

_____Your Author Portrait

_____Your Book Cover

_____Photo of your choice as applicable

Once we have approved your request and have all information and photos, we will get back to you with the date your interview will be posted on SCAN.

Any Questions?

Contact Lynda & Miss Opal   at:


We LOVE you for THAT!

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