Thursday Treasures



Written by Lynda McKinney Lambert

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Thursday Treasures #1_My Favorite Things

Lynda shares her insight into the things we choose to  keep and treasure.

This is the FIRST ARTICLE in her new SERIES.  Thursday Treasures.

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Thursday Treasures #2:  Art

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Lynda shares some  reflections on ART

What art really is – PLUS a SURPRISE.


Thursday Treasures #3: Small Things

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 Lynda explores the small things in our life that are meaningful and become treasures for us.

You can listen to Lynda read her poem,

“To the Curator of Small Things”


Thursday Treasures #4:  Reasons_

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Lynda says we have to have a REASON to value things.


Thursday Treasures #5:  Reading

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In this blog post, Lynda explores a few of her personal thoughts on READING.

She speaks about the differences between reading as she knew it when she had sight;

She speaks about READING as a person with profound sight loss.

She explains how a visual artist understands reading and how that affects her view of learning Braille