The Connie

Friday Fav for January 4, 2019.

Today, I am honoring and celebrating a wonderful achievement.

My  story, “The Connie” is the MOST-VISITED  Blog Post on SCAN.

I first published it on SCAN-  July 10, 2016.

“The Connie,” also appears in my latest book, “Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems,” DLD Books, 217. Since it was first published, “The Connie” continues to be the MOST VISITED POST here on SCAN.

Publication Record for

“The Connie”

 Indiana Voice Journal, September 2016. Issue #26

  SCAN, Blog. February  9, 2016 and January 4, 2019

  Lambert, Lynda McKinney. Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems, 2017

Magnets & Ladders, Spring/Summer 2018. Won 2nd Place in Non-fiction, $20.00 prize.

Take a break from your  ***Beginning-of-the-Year ***  planning, and take a walk with me along the banks of “The Connie.” I’ll meet you there.

Gifts of the Spirit

The Connie

by Lynda McKinney Lambert

July 9, 2016

High humidity and stifling heat on this July afternoon begins to urge me to dream of the month ahead. I admit it! I love late August days even more because they signify the approaching end of summer.

When nights become cooler I’ll begin to forget the predictable, unrelenting steamy days and nights of July. Temperature readings by mid-August will drop down into the 50s. I’ll open the windows; feel the cool breeze move through the familiar old house. July’s humidity and stuffiness will be swept away from the house and my thoughts when I begin to sense the shift of a quickly approaching change of seasons. My senses begin to stir my imagination today. There is something brewing in the atmosphere as I stand in the mid-day sunshine and look at the landscape all around me. I see every imaginable hue…

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Authors Corner – In My Dream by Lynda McKinney Lambert

Dream a little dream
Dream a bigger dream
Dream a fantastic dream
Pursue your dream.

Campbells World

Good Sunday afternoon campbellsworld visitors and poetry lovers one and all. This afternoon author Lynda McKinney Lambert has done it again. She has written something that has captured my heart.


If you read will surely capture yours as well. I invite and encourage you to read and to share.Thanks for dropping into the Author’s Corner and come again very soon to see which of my totally talented Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing clients will pop up next.

Sunday Morning Musings on my blog – Walking by Inner Vision. You can read the poem posted below or click on the link to listen to me reading it. My topic today is, “Dreams. Who Needs Them!”

Link to my blog poem with voice recording here:

Dreams. Who Needs Them!


Are you?

I am certain that we  become what we DREAM.

Our DREAMS offer INSIGHT into who we are.

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Lynda McKinney Lambert

White Snakeroot

Allusions to Autumn

The story of White Snakeroot



I’ve been hard at work the past couple of weeks.

You ask, “Why is that?”

I’ll  tell you –

This is my Birthday Month, and I am celebrating with some good poems about this season and the Autumnal period of my own life.  I’ll be Seventy-four on August 27.

I’ve been  trying to write a poem,

White Snakeroot.

I’ve destroyed many drafts of it, and kept on searching for the muse to arrive to help me. I worked on it days and was up during the nights, many nights, trying to figure out how to express my thoughts on this Autumnal blooming plant in my woods.

Finally, it came to life for me. I sent it off immediately to an editor, and within a few hours he sent me a note to say

“it will be published in the September-October issue of Indiana Voice Journal.”

There’s just NO time for anything but what is good and true and holy.

Too many poems await me on this leg of the journey. But, I can say for certain,


I’ll share the poem with you AFTER it is published in Indiana Voice Journal!

“All’s Well!”


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Lynda McKinney Lambert lives and writes in the Village of Wurtemburg, in Western Pennsylvania.  Her articles and poems appear on a number of blogs, as well as Literary Magazines and books.

View Publications Page for her most recent updates.

Discover Lynda’s other blog, Walking by Inner Vision.


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Copyright 2017. Lynda McKinney Lambert. All rights reserved.


“Thanks for rejoicing with me today.  Isn’t God so wonderful!”

Romans 8:28


art Lynda McKinney Lambert

Meditation #2

Meditation #2

by Lynda McKinney Lambert


Part of a series of 6 small,

Mixed-Media Fiber Art



This art work just returned from the Twenty-Eighth Annual International

Invitational Salon of Small Works. I’ve been exhibiting in this show for many years.

I thought you might like to see how one of my mixed-media fiber pieces comes to life.

It all begins with some FABRIC and some GEMSTONES and some wonderful BEADS.

MAGIC happens when I sit down to work with these materials.


Fiber_ Meditation_No2_600dpi_

Meditation #2 – Center Beaded Panel is 5 x 4 1/2 inches.

Framed work is 9 x 9 inches including frame.






art Nature Seasons

Pennsylvania Spring

Pennsylvania Spring

The final week of May in Pennsylvania

Photos from my early morning walk.

Rhododendrum  is a STAR at this time of year.

Look for it in shady places, forests and woodlands.









Delicate PHLOX is now SHOWING in the woods and fields all around Western Pennsylvania.

Don’t miss the show!












Flo Budny – Pictures From My Soul

Introducing  “Guest Blogger” for September
Flo Budny
Western Pennsylvania Photographer
Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing-
Camille Pissarro
Click the link below to listen to music as you view Flo’s photos today:
Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copeland
Pictures From my Soul
Flo budny
Flo_BirdsBaby Flo_Birds3 Flo_Birds2 Flo_Bird4 Flo_Bird1 Flo_Bird
From My
Flo Budny’s Artist Statement:
I am the woman behind these photographs. Truly, it never occurred to me that photography just might be my bliss. Since I had no hobbies, a friend of mine ( you know who you are) encouraged me to start taking pictures. 
At that time, I didn’t even own a camera. So, I finally broke down and bought a point and shoot 8 years ago.  
The first thing I noticed is what I saw through the view finder wasn’t what the finished product was!  
My soul saw something different than I did.
It was amazing!.
 I used that little old point and shoot for about 3 years and then, ever since, I’ve used a  digital DSLR. 
Seems my soul enjoys nature shoots.  
That is what I do the most of, but not exclusively. It was very very surprising (and uplifting) when I started posting my photographs on Facebook.  
Flo_TreBrachesFlowers Flo_RiverBoats Flo_BridgeSpan Flo_BridgeFlags Flo_BridgeArch
The response I received was overwhelming. Most said that my work brought them joy. If they had a bad day and looked at my photos, it made their moods change and put a smile on their face.  I felt truly honored and as well as touched very deeply.

Flo_AutumnFoilage Flo_AutumnLandscapeBarn
Now, I don’t limit myself  to just Facebook.
I donate portraits for charities. A few are the local library fundraisers, Soldiers of Valor, Not One More, and a few others. I also had a gallery exhibition  in 2013  at the
Rochester Public Library in Rochester, PA
that got a great response.
It seems, when you listen to your soul you can never go wrong.”
I can be reached at  Just send a friend request and
once confirmed you’re set.
My Website:
All photos by Flo Budny.
Copyright 2015.
All Rights Reserved.
thank you kindly!